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Tips To Maintain Sleep Hygiene For Improved Mental Health

A good night’s sleep is known to improve your mental health. Let’s see how a few tips can help you sleep easy at night. 
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -19 Jan 2022, 15:27 ISTUpdated -22 Jan 2022, 15:01 IST
sleep music

Sleep does not come easy to all. Ask all the people who keep tossing and turning on their beds but end up binge watching on Netflix the entire night, in their eternal struggle to find sleep. In the world of screens and bright LED lights, getting a restful sleep is not less than a Herculean task. A bad night’s sleep leaves you all grumpy and irritable whereas a good sleep shall help in improving your cognitive abilities. Fixing your sleeping cycle today is really the best thing you are going to do for your future self. Here are the 5 easy tips to maintain sleep hygiene so as to improve your mental health. 

Go to bed same time

Go To Bed At The Same Time

Keeping healthy sleep is imperative to getting a peaceful sleep that leaves you energised the next day. Going to bed at the same time everyday is certainly one of the ways you can help your body to maintain its own natural clock. Keeping a fixed time for sleeping helps your body fall asleep easily. If you sleep at an erratic schedule, your body will have difficulty in giving you signals as to when to sleep. 

bedtime routine

Practice Some Bedtime Routine

Reading a book or listening to calming music can be a very helpful before-bedtime ritual. Sometime before you wish to sleep, take some time out to either read or write a journal. Make sure you pick a ritual which is relaxing and helps you get into the calming frame of mind. Meditation, stretching, oiling your head with hot oil or a simple warm bath can be some of the great sleep inducing ways. If you practice any of these methods as your bedtime ritual, you’ll notice that your body is able to take the cues faster.

fluid intake

Fluid Intake

You might wonder how fluid intake can help or hinder your good night’s sleep. Staying hydrated all through the day helps you get a good sleep. Not having enough liquid in your system is going to leave you dehydrated during the night. Your hydration levels need to be maintained while you’re sleeping. If you haven’t had much water, you might end up waking in the middle of the night feeling all tired and groggy just to take a few sips of water. To avoid this, make sure you have enough water during the day. 

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turn off your phone

Turn Off Your Phone

Having your phone beside you during your sleeping hours is the worst mistake of your life. Nothing hampers a good night's sleep, the way this electronic device does. Although it has become so entwined with our lives that imagining a moment’s separation from it gives up a heart attack. Well, keep away from your phone at least one hour before sleeping. Don’t stay hooked on your favourite show or you’ll end up watching it all through the night. 

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cozy ambience

Make Your Bedroom’s Ambience Cozy

Keeping your bedroom uncluttered and organized is going to help you in numerous ways. Your bedroom is your safe haven and it ought to feel like one. Add warm tones, mood lights and light fabrics to have your bedroom feeling super cozy and comfortable. You can also light fragrance candles and table lamps to add to that extra sleep-inducing feeling. Moreover, you can also clear out the already existing clutter in your room to have a peaceful sleep. 

If you wish to share any of your favourite tips on how to maintain your sleep hygiene, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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