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    Why Hydration Holds The Key To Your Wellness

    People often ignore how important it is to stay hydrated. Read on to know many benefits of consuming fluids for good health. 
    • Shipra Khanna
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2020-06-25,15:03 IST
    Shipra Explains Importance Of Hydration For Wellness

    As a kid, I was always so surprised by the fact that our body is made of roughly two-thirds of water. As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to understand why it is so important. How do you think our body maintains its blood, let our skin breathe, regulates the body’s temperature, and keep us looking and feeling so lively? 

    Looking at this list, it’s easy to see why drinking enough water is vital to maintain good health in the short and long term. For example, it helps with the prevention of constipation, kidney stones, or urinary tract infections and keeps your skin looking fresh and glowing! It also helps in flushing out toxins from the body. 

    drinking enough water

    Summers can get really hot in India. Depending on the region you stay in, it can range from pleasant in the hilly areas to scorching heat in other parts of the country. More often than not, I take to my Instagram handle to remind my audience of ways they can take care of themselves and keep their health up to the mark. 

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    Feeling drained and finding yourself reaching for a sugar hit? Don’t worry, this article is here to help! Mid-afternoon we are most vulnerable to this sweet-snacking behaviour. But this can be counterproductive as it may also cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which is then followed by sweet summer drinks to quench your thirst and give you a sugar rush. However, if we limit our sugar intake when that afternoon lull happens by just having water, it can perk you up without the calorie sugar intake.

    What Drinks Are Good For Rehydration?

    What Drinks Are Good For Rehydration

    Water and anything that contains it will generally rehydrate. So if you don’t like water then happily drink tea– particularly if it has no added sugar. For example, you can have green tea, black tea with lemon, and of course, these can be had on the rocks as well. However, if you’re fond of sugar then replace it with honey, whether its tea or coffee!

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    Coffee also counts as soft drink, but do think about the sugar content and remember that too much caffeine may impair your sleep. There are all sorts of things that affect hydration levels though. For example, sweating is a mechanism to cool the body. So if it is hot (which is normal in most parts of India during summers) and you sweat a lot, you will be losing a significant amount of fluid from the body, which then needs to be replaced.

    So, how do you measure your hydration level? How do you ensure that you’re at the right stage and that you’re not overdoing it? Carry around with yourself a steel or glass bottle of a minimum 1 litre and make sure that you finish it at least three times a day. There’s nothing that can quench your thirst better than water so make it your best friend and keep yourself healthy and hydrated! 

    While most of you know Shipra Khanna as the winner of popular cookery show MasterChef India (season 2), she is an author and has also hosted numerous cookery programmes. 

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