Eyes are extremely sensitive and still it has to take a lot of load while we stay hooked to laptops, TV screens and phones all day. But with that, we also need to look beautiful and attractive all the time. This makes us jump to contact lenses. These lenses not only help us with the vision but with coloured options available in the market today, they also add to our personalities. As lenses cover the most essential organ of our body, it is important to use them properly. It is important to understand how to wear contact lenses safely. Here are some dos and don'ts you should follow while using contact lenses:

Wash Your Hands Before Using Lenses 

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Many times when women are in a hurry, they apply or remove their lenses without even washing hands. There can be germs and harmful bacteria on your hands and when it sticks to your lenses, it can lead to eye infections. Thus, make sure that you wash your hands properly before applying your lenses. Don't use an oily soap for washing your hands and dry with a towel after washing. 

Don't Sleep With Your Lenses On 

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Ensure that you don't go off to sleep without taking off your lenses. When you sleep with your lenses on, your eyes don't get enough oxygen which can lead to infection in the eye. Also, bacteria reaches your eye through your lenses and this causes a burning sensation in your eyes. 

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Change Your Lenses On Time 

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All the lenses in the market come with an expiry date. Make sure you use these lenses only till the time you have been asked to. Don't exceed the period of using them. This can cause a lot of eye problems. 

Wash Your Lens Case

We usually forget cleaning the lens case and only focus on cleaning the lens all the time. Each time you use your lenses, change the solution and clean the box. Keep changing then lens case after every 3 months. 

Some Other Do's and Don'ts 

Avoid wearing lenses while swimming, riding a bike, during a storm or heavy rain. In such cases, there is a risk of dust and dirt getting into your eyes. It can also scratch your lenses and spoil them. Also, it can lead to eye infection. 

Because of being plastic, lenses don't let direct lubricants reach your eyes. If you use contact lenses for a really long time, it can lead to dryness. To save your eyes from getting dry, wear sunglasses every time you step out of your house, don't wear contact lenses for long hours, in case of any burning sensation in your eyes, rush to your doctor immediately. 

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