High-heels speak loud of fashion these days. No matter how short or tall, most women like to wear high heels. High heels are the reason behind many feet and other health problems. But only if we women could understand that fashion, at times, comes with a lot of pain too. For the sake of your health, you should cut down on wearing heels as much as possible. Here is why:

Pain In The Lower Back

pain in lower back

Image Courtesy: ajp.com.au

If you are suffering from serious pain in lower back, your heels could be the reason behind that. Unfortunately, heels and comfort don't go hand in hand. They don't give complete support to the feet and this leads to pain and inflammation in the lower back.

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Blockage Of Blood Vessels

High heels may make your legs look thin and long, but that comes with a price. Heels come in different shapes and this further affects our feet. Stress on the feet leads to blockage of blood vessels and it can also lead to breakage of blood vessels.

Knee Pain

knee pain

Image Courtesy: healthjade.com

Wearing high heels is not only the reason for foot cramps but it can also create a lot of other health issues. High heels can add pressure in the knee joints and lead to knee pain. This is also the reason why women suffer from osteoarthritis more than men.

Ankle Sprains

ankle sprain

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High heels put you at the risk of dealing with ankle sprains. You may not always get an even surface to walk with your high heels. You never know when you find bumps or potholes and you get your ankle sprained!

Soreness In Calf Muscles

Wearing high heels can lead to swelling in the veins of your calf muscles. This is not only very painful but it also spoils the look of your toned legs.

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