Sodium is an extremely essential mineral for our bodies, as it's crucial for the muscles and the central nervous system to function properly. Apart from this, Sodium has a lot of health benefits associated it. Sodium deficiency may cause some serious health complications and it prevents some organs from functioning efficiently. Sodium also helps maintain blood pressure levels in the body, especially the ones suffering from low blood pressure which can be extremely dangerous.

Our bodies contain about 100 grams of this mineral which is essential to help regulate water levels in tissues and blood. Sodium is found in high quantities in naturally occurring salt which is widely consumed by humans in a day to day life. It is important to maintain the right amount of sodium in your body because its deficiency can cause problems such as low-blood pressure and various other ailments. 

Uses Of Sodium


The primary use of Sodium in our body is that being an essential mineral and an electrolyte, it helps regulate the level of fluid between the red blood cells and the plasma. Therefore maintaining the overall electrolyte balance in the body. The right amount of sodium present inside your system determines how efficiently your nervous system and muscles work or coordinate with each other. Deficiency of sodium may lead to confusion, kidney failure, or central nervous system failure. 

Benefits Of Sodium


Usually, doctors prefer sodium-rich diet to patients suffering from elevated levels of bad cholesterol or LDL, heart-related disease(stop inflammation with these foods), and type 2 diabetes. Fewer levels of sodium in the system may lead to triglycerides or elevated levels of LDL or bad cholesterol, which is a prime reason for heart failure, cardiac arrests, and heart attacks as LDL cholesterol blocks the vessels or arteries pumping blood in and out of the organ.

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Also, several studies indicate that people who consume less than 3000 mg of sodium per day are more prone to the risk of dying from heart-related illness as compared to people who consumed a sufficient amount of sodium per day required by the body. Low-Sodium diets may increase insulin resistance in the body, which is disastrous for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Such patients have a higher risk of death from diabetes.

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How Much Sodium Should You Take 


If you are on a spree to maintain a proper intake of sodium and other minerals in your body then we are here to tell you how much of this mineral do you actually need daily.  You can find the amount of sodium in your foods by scanning through the nutrients label on the back of your food items and it will reflect the amount of salts, and sodium from other sources. 

Talking about the amount of sodium you should consume daily, the American Heart Association suggests that healthy individuals should consume about 1500- 2300 milligrams of this mineral each day in order to regulate the different functions in the body.

Moreover, too much sodium can also cause troubles, it holds too much fluid and may thus lead to a rise in the blood pressure levels (herbs to control high blood pressure)which may eventually cause heart-related complications, further, it may cause kidney disease, osteoporosis, strokes, and severe conditions like stomach cancer.

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