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Wearing Heels During Pregnancy Can be Harmful, Here’s Why

Is it even safe to wear heels during pregnancy? Find out.   
Published -07 Sep 2022, 17:09 ISTUpdated -07 Sep 2022, 17:26 IST
high heel pregnancy main

Heels can instantly add a glam factor to any outfit. However, wearing heels during pregnancy may not be a good idea. Doctors specifically advise against it due to several reasons. 

Your body weight and balance do not remain the same during pregnancy, and your muscles also go through certain changes. Therefore, you may feel discomfort and pain along with facing other risks if you wear heels while pregnant. Read on to know about all the risks of wearing heels during pregnancy. 

Calf Cramps

If you wear heels for a long time, then your calf muscles are in a contracted position. This might lead to cramps in the muscles.

Back Pain

back pain pregnancy

Wearing high heels for a long period of time might lead to back pain because these alter your posture, but it can be more dangerous during pregnancy. This is because pelvic muscles are bent forward, which gives a rounder shape to your back. As you gain weight around the front during pregnancy, the changes in posture might cause pain. 

Along with this, wearing heels puts extra pressure on the pelvic and back joints, thus resulting in pain around joints and ligaments of the pelvic area and lower back

Less Balance

Due to excess weight and hormonal changes, the strength in your ankles might decrease. This can hamper your balancing capability. When you wear heels, there is an even higher probability of losing your balance and tripping, which can cause injury to yourself and your unborn child. 

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Swelling In Feet

feet swelling

During pregnancy, a medical condition known as edema or swelling in the legs is quite common. On top of this, if you wear high heels, it might aggravate the problem. Along with swollen feet, you might also experience pain due to more fluid being accumulated in the lower part of your body. You have to be extra cautious during the last months of the pregnancy.

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Wearing high heels during pregnancy always leads to a higher chance of sustaining falls, which can result in miscarriage in extreme cases. 

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