Dr. Aruna Kalra, Gynaecologist & Obstetrician, says that a menstrual cup is basically a bell-shaped cup that is used by women during their menstruation period. They are used as an alternative to traditional sanitary napkins and tampons. Avoiding the stains on clothes in public due to the over-flow of menstrual fluid during periods is the main reason why these cups have become so popular. Menstrual cups are made of rubber or silicone and are usually reusable. To use them, you must fold the cup and insert it into the vagina in a way that when they open, they form a seal against the walls of the vagina. All the menstrual fluid gets collected in the cup until you remove them to wash. Always remember to empty them after every 4-12 hours or if you are having a heavy menstrual flow, then it is advised to empty the cup more frequently.

The usage of menstrual cups have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at them:

Advantages of Using Menstrual Cups


Menstrual Cups are very convenient to use. You just have to fold it and insert it into your vagina. It will adjust accordingly. They are also more comfortable that sanitary napkins and tampons.

No Disposal 

If you are inserting a Menstrual Cup into your vagina, there’s no need to worry about the disposal of menstrual fluid. Menstrual Cups locks the fluid until you remove them to wash.


re usable cups

Menstrual Cups are reusable. They are made of rubber or silicone and can be easily washed and used again.


Since menstrual cups are reusable, there is no need to purchase a new one every other time. One can last for a very long time, and hence, they are economical.

Can do exercise like swimming


If you are using menstrual cups, then you can do exercises like swimming or play water sports without any worry. You can not do the same while using the traditional sanitary pads.

Better in Heavy flow

Unlike sanitary napkins, Menstrual cups are able to hold heavy flow during periods.  

Disadvantages of Using Menstrual Cups

First-time cost

Menstrual Cups are expensive than the sanitary napkins and tampons. But once bought, they can be used a multiple times.

Fitting difficulties, spillage of blood

Women often face difficulties in inserting a menstrual cup. If a menstrual cup is not inserted properly or if you are using a wrong size, then it may result in spillage of blood.

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Sometimes it gets stuck inside

If the Menstrual cup is not inserted properly, then there is a chance that the cup will get stuck inside and it would get a bit difficult for you to take it out.

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Young virgin girls may find it difficult to insert

Mostly young girls, who are in their teenage and are virgin, can find it difficult to insert a menstrual cup into the vagina.

Cleaning and maintenance


Many women find it uncomfortable to clean their menstrual cups, especially in public bathrooms.

Menstrual cups are now easily available online and come in different sizes which you can determine as per your flow.