Mahua or Madhuca Longifolia is one of the plants found in Indian subcontinent with numerous health benefits. The seeds of this plant are so good that it yields 35 to 47 percent of oil. These seeds are a good source edible fats along with some other properties that help to treat various ailments such as bronchitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. 

Now-a-days, there is a great demand for chemical free products and mahua oil is one such natural product which is free from any synthetic compounds. Read ahead to about more benefits of mahua oil. 

Good For Skin

mahua oil dry

Mahua oil is chemical free product that works as an excellent skin care product as it provides glowing and radiant skin. Also, it gets rid of any kind of acne or blemishes on the skin making it absolutely clear and soft on touch.

Insect Bite

Mahua oil is used by several tribal communities in Chhattisgarh. In deep forests of Chattisgarh, insect bite is a common occurrence, therefore, they use mahua oil which instantly provides relief. There is a need to apply mahua oil on the external skin to get relief from any kind of rashes or redness caused through the insect bite.


mahua oil types

Mahua is believed to be a bulk laxative. When it is consumed at night in any form, then it absorbs water from the stomach, propel the digest food contains through rectal route. Apart from this, seeds of mahua are also used as a laxative as they also help to reduce stool stiffness and making a smooth passage for it pass through.

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Joint Pain

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Mahua tends to have anti – inflammation properties that tend to protect your body from any foreign particles that tries to enter your body through any kind of opening and cause infection, thus, causing pain. However, due to anti – inflammatory properties, mahua inhibits the COX enzymes that block pain.

Therefore, if you massage mahua oil on the affected part, then it will instantly provide you relief from joint pain. This is a tried and tested method to treat joint pain as it has been tested on rats first. 

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Mosquito Repellent

It has been heard that mahua oil is burnt by the people of Bhalukola village in Orissa in order to get rid of mosquitos. Instead of choosing harmful repellents, this is a good way to make mosquitoes run away and doesn’t cause any problems to our lungs or any other health issue.

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Good For Hair

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It is said that mahua oil is great for hair and promotes hair growth. In order to get best results, add a few drops of rosemary oil in a few drops of mahua oil and apply it on your scalp while massaging it well. After an hour or two, wash your hair properly. Repeat this once a week to get results after a few uses. 

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