Since last year when Covid came into our lives, it has turned the world upside down for everyone. Pregnant mothers and new mommies are the greatest sufferers because it is not only affecting them physically but also mentally. The psychological impact on them is way too much because for them it's not about their own health but also about the health of their newborns and the one growing inside them. 

As the year has passed we got to know so many new things about this disease and we have also explored the various treatment options. But the best thing that can happen to all of us amid this pandemic chaos is the vaccine. But the million-dollar question which every mommy is asking is whether this vaccine is safe for pregnant and lactating mothers or not. 

Dr Amodita Ahuja Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist told HerZindagi that "In India, there are two vaccines available as of now Covaxin and Covishield. Covaxin is inactivated viral vaccine and Covishield is a viral vector vaccine. So basically both are killed viral vaccine. And we all know that since the early eras we have been providing all our pregnant mothers with the killed vaccines. 

Read on to understand better as Dr Ahuja explains how it effects the fetus and the expecting mothers. 

For Pregnant Ladies

We also know that pregnant and lactating mothers are at more risk of contracting the disease due to the immunocompromised state of pregnancy. And if they contract the disease they are at higher risk and may have to be hospitalised in an intensive care unit and require a high level of care, including breathing support on a machine and are at higher risk for dying. So ideally pregnant women are in the high-risk category just like individuals with associated comorbidities.

The Fetus


As far as its effect on the fetus is concerned, there is no evidence suggestive of birth defects in the newborn but there is indeed an increased risk for preterm birth, abortions, and NICU support at birth. However, the only hesitancy is the lack of clear information due to the lack of clinical trials of vaccines on pregnant and lactating mothers. 

But most of the international and national bodies have given green signal for the vaccination in both pregnant and lactating mothers including the federation of obstetrics and gynaecological society of India.

The government of India and Bharat biotechnology is yet to approve that green signal. And hopefully, we will see the sunlight at the end of this dark night. By vaccinating pregnant and lactating mothers we will be protecting 50 million of our population and their children and that's huge. The only way we can protect ourselves from third-wave is by vaccinating all. 

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Breastfeeding Moms

breastfeeding mothers

According to all the available studies vaccine has no effect on the pregnant mother and on the foetus. And it is speculated that if we give the vaccine to breastfeeding moms then antibodies formed in the mother will hopefully get transferred to the newborn. 

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So in nutshell, I would say wait for the government of India to give a green signal and as soon as we get it just go and take your jab. Even if you get infected by covid after vaccination at least the severity will be less.

Please remember that virus is more dangerous than a vaccine. Remove all the second thoughts from your brain and get vaccinated.

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