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Roleplay To Dirty Talk, 6 Ways To Improve Sex Life And Prolong Pleasure

If you are frustrated with shorter runtime during sex, here is how you can prolong your pleasure. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -15 Sep 2022, 13:28 ISTUpdated -15 Sep 2022, 13:39 IST
prolong pleasure sext tip

Whether you have just started dating or been together for a long time, sex must always be pleasurable. Even if you do not climax, you should be able to enjoy it. However, if your partner ejaculates prematurely, the fun can end there.

It can get frustrating to end the run even before you have started to enjoy things. Therefore, we are here with six proven ways that can make sex last longer and prolong your pleasure along with your partner. Take a look.

Use A Pleasure Tool

pleasure tool

Introducing a sex toy can add kink to your sex life, which can make things more exciting. It can be something you and your partner explore and experiment with together. There are pleasure tools for both men and women that couples can use to add newness to their private space.

It can help prolong ejaculation time and allow you and your partner to enjoy the time playfully. 

Try Different Positions

You must remember that the goal of sex is not just orgasm but pleasure. There is no better way to enjoy the time than doing sexy experiments. Therefore, you must keep switching between positions and try new ones whenever you get bored of tried and tested ones.

It will prevent your partner from climaxing too soon and allow you both to explore what works best for the two of you. It can also be your gateway to experiencing multiple orgasms.

Do Not Ditch The Lubricant

use lubricant with partner

Lubricant does not only assist with vaginal dryness, it can also add newness to the whole experience. It can help you extend pleasure for a long time and help you achieve a better climax. There are lubricants that add a tingling sensation and increase sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy things more.

Don’t Forget A Condom

Condoms are another way to prevent premature ejaculation. It not only shields you from sexually transmitted diseases, but also creates a barrier between your and your partner’s skin that can help you both prolong the run time.

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Try Roleplay

try roleplay

Roleplaying can be fun, new, and exhilarating when it comes to improving sex life and prolonging the pleasure. You can get costumes involved, set the vibe of the bedroom, and play your favourite characters.

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Roleplay takes time to turn into a full-fledged sexual act (benefits of sex). Amid all this, you can definitely spend more time on foreplay and also include toys in the act.

Try Dirty Talking

Dirty talk is one of the best ways to communicate your sexual desires to your partner. There is a reason why the brain is the sexiest organ in our body, and it can be arousing for you and your partner to just talk, dirty, of course.

While talking naughty, you can try new things, introduce oral in between and explore your fantasies before achieving the big ‘O’.

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