Ice bath, also known as cold water immersion or cold hydrotherapy, is a practice of dipping yourself or a part of your body into the extremely cold water, preferably at a temperature between 50 degrees -59 degrees Fahrenheit.

This method has been gaining a lot of popularity recently as it works wonders after intense workout sessions, physical training, or simply for post-workout stress relief. And the more people are coming to know of this therapy the more they are trying it in order to explore all the health benefits it offers. So, in case you too want to find out about the many health benefits of cold hydrotherapy or ice bath then read this article and find them out. 

When Should You Take Ice Bath And For How Long?

ice bath

As per experts from around the world, the best time to indulge in an ice bath is right after your workout. Since your muscles are all tired and warm and in dire need of being cooled down at this point so, the therapy works even better. However, if you do not hurry up in immersing yourself inside the cold water right after physical training then the therapy might not be of much use.  In addition to that, an ice bath can shower upon you all its benefits if you give the process about 15 minutes. 

Ice Bath Boosts Your Central Nervous System

This process is proven to improve your sleep quality and thus reduce fatigue while regulating other vital body functions. This further boosts the central nervous system and makes your reactions and responses to things, faster and quicker.

Improves Your Immunity

Studies conducted around the world found that ice baths can potentially boost your immune system by making it stronger and defensive against diseases. Further, the studies conducted revealed that people who take ice baths regularly are less likely to fall sick.

Paves Way For Your Body’s Recovery

imporoves immunity     

When we immerse ourselves in cold water, our blood vessels contract and become thin. And the moment we step out and experience temperature change, the vessels expand yet again. This rapid dilation of the vessels provides the muscles the required amount of oxygen and nutrients. Also, when the blood vessels open up they flush out the muscles' metabolic waste.

So, this makes your body ready for the next workout session by relieving tension from it. Not only that but this procedure is also known to cure the soreness in muscles by decreasing the inflammation caused inside them.

It Is Great For Your Mental Health

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For a lot of people, their first experience of an ice bath would not be that pleasant. But with time when people’s bodies start adapting to the temperatures, it starts becoming fun.  And cold hydrotherapy can also relieve your stress, help you focus on your breathing, and thus alleviate the depression or anxiety clouding your mind. Once you start feeling well while doing it, the process becomes relaxing and uplifting for you. And that is how it works for improving your mental health too. 


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Ice Bath To Cool Your Body Down

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This process can help relieve exertional hyperthermia by cooling down the body and muscles almost immediately.  Cooling down the body helps in making you more productive, and fresh for the next day.

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So, go and try this therapy and let us know how you liked it. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.