If you always keep thinking about what temperature of the water is suitable for your skin then we are here to end your worries and take a look at a detailed comparative study on the cold shower and hot shower for the skin. Read on for more.

Cold Shower Benefits

hot shower vs cold shower

  • A nice cold water bath proves to be a lot more beneficial for health when compared to a hot water shower. According to research, cold water tends to have regenerative properties. It can help relax muscles and boost muscular regeneration after a hectic day or a heavy workout session.
  • A cold water shower will help repair muscles on a cellular level. Also, a cold water shower may help improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood circulation throughout the body.
  • This happens when cold water hits the external limbs, the blood circulation is immediately constricted on the surface of your skin due to the cold exposure which caused your body temperature to drop.
  • Your body responds by making your deeper core tissues circulate blood faster throughout the body in order to maintain ideal body temperatures.
  • This response turns out to be super beneficial for heart health and may reduce the risk of several heart-related conditions.
  • It also turns out to be remedial for people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Also, in order to keep the system warm after a cold water bath, your body starts to burn some fat cells. These cells, also known as brown fat, can generate heat as a result of their breakdown.
  • So, a cold water shower may also aid in weight loss. People who look forward to shedding some extra kilograms off their bodies should take a shower with cold water more often. 

Cold Water Shower For Skin And Hair

  • According to medical science, research work and some of the most prominent skin specialists believe that bathing with cold water has magical and beneficial effects on your skin and it also tends to improve your hair quality. 
  • As we learned earlier that exposure to cold water can tighten and constrict blood flow to the surface of the body, i.e. our skin.
  • This somehow gives our skin a healthier and radiant glow. Coldwater also tends to strengthen our hair cuticles, which in turn improves the overall quality of the hair and makes them a lot more healthy and less likely to break or fall.
  • One of the main reasons for deteriorated skin and hair quality is the destruction of the sebum layer, which is a naturally occurring lubricating barrier that prevents skin and hair from wear and tear.
  • The sebum layer is usually destroyed due to overexposure to hot water but cold water on the other hand prevents it from drying out. Therefore, conserving the quality of skin and hair. 

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Disadvantages Of Cold Water Bath

A Coldwater bath might not be a very good idea if you're sick or suffering from cold, fever, or other health problems as it tends to worsen the symptoms and make you colder. The temperature doesn't help warm your body up by any means. Also, some studies suggest that cold water showers may weaken the immune system, therefore making it more struggling for your body to fight off such diseases. 

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Hot Water Bath Benefits

hot shower vs cold shower

  • A hot water bath on the other hand helps relax your body by stimulating the muscles and activating our parasympathetic nervous system.
  • It's also considered a natural remedy to relieve cold and cough symptoms. It can turn out to be medicinal, especially if you're sick.
  • A hot water shower does so by opening up your airways, getting rid of the mucus which causes obstruction, clearing out your nasal passages, and ultimately providing relief from respiratory symptoms.
  • Hot water bath can literally open up the skin pores and makes it a lot easier to get rid of dirt and oil, however, it can make the skin very dry. It is advised to use a moisturizer immediately after a hot water shower to prevent your skin from damage.
  • Also, hot water can help relieve muscle tension and relax them. 

Hot Water Bath Disadvantages

hot shower vs cold shower

  • A hot water shower tends to have more disadvantages as compared to a cold water bath.
  • Hot water damages the sebum layer that helps retain moisture and keratin cells in the upper layer of your skin, which makes it harder for the cells to lock in moisture.
  • This caused the skin to dry out and leads to irritation and inflammation which eventually deteriorates the quality and health of your skin.
  • Moreover, a hot water shower can make an underlying skin condition worse. It can cause itching and increase blood pressure significantly causing other problems.
  • A hot water bath is not good for cardiovascular health as well.

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