Diet plays a very important role when it comes to ensuring the physical and mental health of our children. Every parent wishes that their children grow taller and healthier and some foods can really help in that. Here, we make it easier for you by listing those five superfoods that will help your kids in growing taller:


kids should drink milk

Without a doubt, milk can do wonders for your kid's growth. Loaded with the goodness of calcium, milk helps in building up bones and provides strength to the body. But we all know how kids crinkle their nose seeing a glass of milk on the table. Try making the milk delicious for them by adding something to it.


Kids need a good source of calcium to grow taller. One of the best ways to make them grow tall is adding yogurt to their meal. Yogurt is a great source of both calcium and Vitamin D. 


carrots for kids

Super rich in Vitamin A, carrots are really helpful in making your kids grow taller. Make your kids eat raw carrots as they have the highest amount of Vitamin A in them. Add fresh carrots to their salad or prepare them fresh carrot juice at home. 


spinach for height

Not all kids love eating greens but they surely need to eat spinach. Spinach is one green that makes your children grow stronger and healthier. Spinach is rich in calcium and iron which help a lot in making your kids grow taller. 


When it is about increasing the height of your kid, you need to load their body with lots of protein. Eggs are rich in proteins and these nutrients work great in increasing the height of your kids. Boiled eggs or omelet, prepare the way they like it.