Period panties are basically undergarments made especially for women to wear during the menstrual cycle. These are made to replace disposable items like tampons and pads. These may seem like normal underwear but in reality, these are made with special fabrics in the crotch area and with extra layers. These are reusable, therefore you can wash these after every use and wear them again.

Having a belief towards the creation of eco-friendly choices for civilians to claim, at 31, Kiriti Acharjee also wanted to aim to the truest of its respective nature that brings enhancement to people’s lives leading to the birth and launch of GoPadFree!

“I decided to start Healthfab — with the express purpose of providing a comfortable and hassle-free environment for menstruating women”, says Acharjee on the context. Being a senior analyst at Flextronics and Associate Account Manager for Amazon for their supply chain and procurement domain, he too had a motive to start his very own startup to give life to an idea that brings a normalized period talk and realization wave to people that men can also talk about it by standing the gender as co-founders for the company. That’s the thought that brought the founder to the birth of GoPadFree. 

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Let’s talk more about these period underwear and why you should switch to them for a better menstrual experience. 


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A way to secure and comfortable period are always period underwear, updating from the alternative of sanitary pads and menstrual cups. GoPadFree is a cotton-based period panty giving a rash-free period experience, eliminating the requirements of Sanitary Pads, Tampons, and Menstrual Cups, standardizing from the regularity; created with advanced level technology to produce a leak-proof, odourless comfort all day long. Women work through a lot of chores assigned and tasks stated, but period talks are still held back.

No Staining

Hustles during the menstrual journey are always mentioned to be avoided since they can lead to hazardous staining and washing even more challenging. With period panties, these problems do not occur; infact, GoPadFree period panties provide a more reliable term to step on.

The menstruation period can be hectic not only physically but emotionally too, therefore keeping this in mind, they are made in a way that keeps your time comfortable with lightweight and skin-friendly features like absorption of flow.

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Added Protection

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A better replacement to versions of pads and tampons, GoPadFree Period Underwear can also be worn as an added protection. Designed to have excellent quality, period underwear on HealthFab has active odour control and quick sweat absorption that keeps you fresh.  An honest choice over the regular undies for it prevents stain and leakage.

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From preserving your clothing smooth to going easier on the environment and saving money, there is also a broad range of benefits to its users. These panties are an improved option for days with mild spotting as well. If you are worried about leaking during bedtime, make sure to use GoPadFree Period Underwear for a relaxed and relief sleep from that tension.

So what is the wait for? Run and take upon the most convenient and effective Period underwears now! But, that is not all; head over to healthfab to browse and choose from more designs and sizes today!

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