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Here Is All You need To Know About Period Panties

Not many of us know about the wonder of period panties. Therefore, here is a guide to period panties.
Published -24 Jun 2021, 14:31 ISTUpdated -24 Jun 2021, 15:48 IST
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Period panties are getting more and more popular with each passing day. However, not everyone is sure what exactly this thing is and whether it is safe to use or not. Something new can always be tricky, therefore, we are here to tell you all about period underwear.

What Are Period Panties?

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Period panties are basically undergarments made specially for women to wear during the menstrual cycle. These are made to replace the disposable items like tampons and pads. These may seem like normal underwear but in reality, these are made with special fabrics in the crotch area and with extra layers. These are reusable, therefore you can wash these after every use and wear them again.

How Period Panties Work?

These panties are made up of an absorbent material that can hold one to two tampon’s worth of flow. It also has a moisture barrier to keep you comfortable and a layer that is specially designed to prevent any leaks and staining.


1.      Even when you download a period tracker app, your period might surprise you by arriving late or early. Therefore, you can start wearing these period panties a few days before your date. This will make sure that you are not staining your clothes and also, you don’t need to rush to the bathroom after every few hours.

2.      Period panties are reusable, therefore, they are environment friendly while other items like panty liners, tampons and pads are harmful for nature.

period panties bed

3.      A lot of women have said that wearing a tampon has resulted in increased cramping. Therefore, period panties can also result in less painful cramps.

4.      If you don’t truly trust period panties and wear these with tampons or pads, then these can provide you with extra protection and soak up all the overflow or leakage.

5.      These are best for travelling as you don’t have access to the bathroom at all times. This keeps you comfortable without worrying about overflow or changing the pad every now and then.

6.      The absorbent layers of period panties are thinner than pads, therefore, these are more comfortable and stay in place at all times.

7.      It is not advised to wear pads or tampons for long hours, thus, it can get difficult at night. You cannot get up after every few hours to change your pad as you need a proper sleep at night, therefore, period panties are great to wear at night for a carefree beauty sleep.


1.      Periods tend to have odor, and there are chances that you may feel a bit stinky down there.

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2.      Cost of period panties are high as these are made with specific design to provide period protection. However, if you compare it with the monthly cost of pads, it’s still a decent catch.

period panties reusable

3.      There are special instructions to wash period panties depending upon your flow and way of using it. It can be tricky sometimes and especially difficult for those who are too conscious of the blood flow part.

4.      There are several designs available for normal underwear but period panties don’t provide you with that benefit as the styles are limited. However, as these are gaining popularity, a number of companies are launching new styles within this category.

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Best Way To Make Period Panties A Habit

Although, you have read all the pros and cons and the list suggests that the number of pros outweigh the number of cons. Still, it can be difficult to trust a new product and immediately incorporate it into your lifestyle. Therefore, you can start with the days when your flow is light or use it as a backup option.

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In fact, currently many of us are working from home due to the lockdown, thus, it is the perfect opportunity to give these a try.

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