Rock sugar or 'mishri' is more than just a mouth freshener. Generally, people tend to overlook the surprising health benefits of 'mishri'. It is less sweet than refined sugar and contains vitamins, minerals and amino acid. Rock sugar, which is made from the solution of sugarcane, can be included in your daily diet to get the lesser-known benefits of health. Celebrity nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar has unraveled how rock sugar is crucial in cough and cold. Did you know?

Cures Cough+Cold

rock sugar health benefits cough cold inside

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Are you suffering from sore throat and blocked nose? Eat rock sugar or 'mishri' for instant relief. “Ayurveda has celebrated the khadi shakkar or 'mishri' as it is called for centuries and celebrated its therapeutic value for easing the cough, preventing the cold and strengthening a weak immune system. It is also popular with the Indian classical singers for keeping their vocal chord lucid, fluid and sweet. Also known for keeping acidity, nausea and gas down. As for all those of you who worry about ‘sugar’ know that what you need to avoid are the ultra-processed packaged foods like biscuits, colas and chocolates. The 'mishri' is medicinal and as a part of a healthy, wholesome diet and a disciplined lifestyle, works wonders,” she wrote in one of her Instagram pictures. Looks like, now you have enough reasons to consume rock sugar. Isn’t it?

Bleeding Nose

rock sugar health benefits bleeding nose inside

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Believe it or not, 'mishri' helps in stopping bleeding nose instantly. How to make use of it? Put 'mishri' or rock sugar pieces in water and wait till it semi-dissolves. Now, add some drops of this water in your nose to stop the bleeding. Isn’t that amazing?

Fresh Breath

Like we all know, rock sugar is consumed post meals to get rid of bad breath. It plays an important role in maintaining the freshness in mouth and breath. 

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Boosts Haemoglobin

rock sugar health benefits mishri inside

Do you have low levels of haemoglobin? Eat rock sugar. Apart from regenerating blood circulation in our body, it is also useful in anaemia, pale skin, dizziness, fatigue and weakness. Therefore, people suffering from low haemoglobin levels can consume 'mishri'.

Helps In Digestion

Mishri or rock sugar is good for the digestive system. Post meals, consuming rock sugar with fennel seeds, help in digesting food. Or you can say, a good mouth fresher for sure. 

Improves Vision

Mishri is helpful in improving vision. This is why you should have it more often. It prevents the formation of cataract. How to get the best out of it? Drink 'mishri' water after your meal to maintain healthy eyes.

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Rock sugar is good for lactating mothers as it acts as an anti-depressant. Apart from increasing the amount of milk, it is less sweet and can be consumed easily.