Periods or menstruation is a natural process that is a part of every woman’s life. And with it comes a host of issues like mood swings, sugar craving, menstrual cramps, and insomnia. Sleeping can turn out to be a tough task to do during periods, due to some hormonal fluctuations. Some women find it impossible to get a comfortable sleep, which results in hours of tossing and turning.  Not only is it harder to get to fall asleep, but it isn’t as good as normal days. So, what you should do to snuggle and snooze like a baby? Read on and find out!

Best Position To Sleep During Your Periods

Fetal Position

menstruation sleeping positions fetal position

Sleeping in the fetal position takes the pressure off the abdominal muscles and reduces tension which in turn minimizes cramps. Also, squeezing your legs like this will also prevent leakage.

Use Lots Of Pillows

menstruation sleeping positions on your side

Lie on your side, with legs close to your chest. Put one pillow between your legs and another behind your back. It will relax your stomach and back muscles. 

Handy Tip: A warm shower before bed and keeping AC temperature at 20 degree Celsius will ensure you sleep like a baby during your flow!

Tips To sleep Better During Your Period

Eat Light

Getting sugar cravings? Women experience cravings during their period, but it's important to eat light to prevent digestive troubles at night. Snack on a healthy food item or fruits. Avoid sugary, fatty foods as they’ll keep you up at night.

Use Heat To Relieve Cramps

menstruation sleeping positions hot bags

Popping a hot water bottle on your tummy can also ease those nasty cramps.

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Do Some Exercise

Don’t skip exercise or yoga when you have your periods. Instead, continue your workout regimes or do yoga at home, at the very least. Working out increases your dipped body temperature and encourages you to fall asleep. It may also help reduce menstrual cramps. What’s more, exercise releases endorphins which relaxes your mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a pillow, snuggle in your bed and sleep like a baby!