It sounds very exhausting and cumbersome but taking the staircase has always been advised by the doctors. Lifts and escalators make us lethargic and add nothing to our lives except for the time when we are running late to work or a party. Not saying don't take them but try to switch them with a staircase climb whenever you can. It has so many advantages without costing any money that we splurge on some workout machines. Let take a look at what all a set of staircase can do for you for free!

Our ancestors were fitter than us not only due to the absence of junk food but also because of their everyday walking and staircase climbing. If you notice, the stairs of old houses were higher than what we have today that we try to avoid going to such places now. Here is what all a mere 8 stair limb would do for them and if you adapt to it, it would work for you the same way.


It is said that climbing a set of stars daily works on lowering the early mortality risk by 33%.

Heart Health

If you spend just seven minutes in the climb, it can halve the risk of heart attack over the span of 10 years. Not just this, this exercise, improves our cardiovascular fitness and also burns more calories as opposed to jogging, per minute.

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Mind, Muscles & Bones

good for heart

When we take the stairs, it raises our heart rate which in turn helps in protecting against clogged arteries and high blood pressure. This is all connected to lowering the risk of conditions like heart diseases, vascular dementia, and diabetes.

The climb is excellent for strengthening the bones and muscles. It tones your body as well. Stairs are important especially for those who work in an office and have to sit all the time. Our sitting postures and zero workouts make us more vulnerable to osteoporosis.

When we speak of mental health, stair climbing helps in releasing endorphins which are also known as the feel-good hormones. It also helps in destressing and easing down the tensions.

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Weight Gain

You can control that middle-age weight gain by taking the staircase every day. 

Make climbing the stairs a habit and it will not look like a task after some time. It is a cheap and most effective way to keeping fit with long time benefits. We spend so much time indoors that it has made us forget how healthy we were as kids when we used to play in the park. Take out some time for your well being and you will not regret it. You do not need special gear or any set of skills and stairs are everywhere. 

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