Laughter yoga or laughing yoga is a popular practice started by Guru Gorakhnath who belonged to the Nath lineage or tradition from the Himalayas. This legendary guru and spiritual master originally taught his disciples this practice of laughing yoga which comes from the yogic philosophy known as ‘Hasiba Kheliba Dhariba Dhyan’.

Grand Master Akshar shared with HerZindagi that "this can be translated literally to mean ‘laughing, being playful, and the art of meditation. Guru Gorakhnath started this practice with an objective to bring in a sense of lightness and fun into the practice, study and pursuit of yoga. He often taught his students and disciples that the science and art of yoga which is done to attain Samadhi need not be a completely serious endeavour. He taught them that by interspersing an element of joy into the practice, it becomes more interesting and thereby one is more likely to stay committed to his or her path on this journey."

The Method & Practice

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The method of practice of laughing yoga was also an important introduction which helped to prevent lower vibrational emotions and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, sadness etc.

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Originally practiced in the Himalayan regions, laughing yoga has now taken over neighbourhood parks and gardens where you can see many people wholeheartedly enjoying this practice. Special communities are dedicated to the practice and to spread the awareness about laughing yoga. With many benefits for both your physical and mental health, laughter yoga improves your confidence removes your insecurities and inhibition. It makes you more light-hearted, easy-going, cheerful and joyful.


Laughter yoga can be your gateway into the practice and study of yoga which consists of many other aspects including are asanas, pranayama, meditation, mudras, chants and much more.

Laughter yoga helps us to prepare for any challenge or hardship that life throws at us with confidence and a positive attitude.

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How To Do It


To practice laughter yoga it all begins with a greeting. Walk around and greet different people by pressing your palms in a Namaste gesture. Shake hands and laugh and do maintain the eye contact.


Like a lion, widen your eyes, thrust your tongue out and stretch out your hands while laughing. 


So many times we laugh with our mouths closed, that is what you incorporate here as well and then hum. 

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Laugh without making a sound and your mouth wide open. Make gunny gestures while looking into the other person's eyes. 


Smile and then slowly start laughing making a gentle chuckle. Slowly increase the intensity of your laughter and gradually laugh down and then in the end, smile again. 


Move a little closer to a person and then hold hands. If the comfort level is good then they can also hug you. 

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