Okay, so, water is an essential. We just can't do without it, it is important for our overall well being but do you know it can help you stay fit too? Now you must have heard doctors recommending drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday to keep your body healthy and fit. Many also say that drinking warm water with lemon helps you lose weight. All this works for real. 

weight loss japanese therapy

Do you know, for Japanese people water is actually a weight loss therapy? But how does it work? So, according to this therapy, it is important to keep the stomach function well for a fit body. Drinking water helps in improving gut health and digestive health. Don't Miss Lose Weight By Adding These Two Things To Your Glass Of Hot Water

How Does It Work? 

1. If you want to lose weight as per this Japanese therapy, you need to drink around 4 to 5 glasses of water as soon as you wake up. You can drink water at room temperature or warm it a little. This will help you flush out all the harmful toxins out of your body. If you have some serious health issue then you should try with one glass of water each day and slowly increase the intake. 

2. As you begin your day by brushing your teeth, ensure that you don't end up eating right away. Don't have anything other than water for atleast 30 minutes post that.

water weight loss

3. A lot of you might have a habit of drinking water soon after you have your meals. But that isn't good for you. Make sure you don't drink water for at least 2 hours after you have your meal. 

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4. Make sure that you don't drink water while standing. Eating while you are standing is also not recommended. 

This Japanese water therapy is really very helpful in weight loss. This improves the digestive system that further improves your metabolic rate and makes you lose weight.