The tree pose of Yoga also known as Vrikshasana is perfect to start your day with. Tree posture falls under the basic level of asanas in the yoga practice. A standing pose, Vrikshasana challenges your balance helping you improve your coordination as well as strengthening your lower body.

Grand Master Akshar shared with HerZindagi that "standing in this position for 1 to 2 minutes allows the blood circulation to increase within the body. Not only is balancing in this posture a fun way to strengthen your legs, but it also improves your posture. Vrikshasana brings clarity to the mind and enables better decision making because it has the potential to increase your concentration levels."

Formation of the Posture

Stand in Samasthithi with your feet together. Keep your back straight and very gently lift the chin up. Try to find your center and balance your energies. Your arms can be by the side of your body and your shoulders are relaxed. As you gently inhale and exhale, balance the weight of the body equally between your feet and find steadiness in this pose.

tree pose workout

Prepare to shift your weight on the right foot. Slowly bend your left knee and support it by the ankle to place the left foot on the right inner thigh.

Focus on any one point as this will help you with your balance. Preferably gaze at a spot on the wall in front of you keep your back straight.

Put a little bit of pressure into the right side of your inner thigh with the left foot as this will enhance your balance continue to push the left knee out and keep your hips square facing the front of the room.

Continue to balance and slowly join your palms together in front of your chest in Pranam Mudra

Slowly exhale and release the left foot by holding it at the ankle come back to Samasthithi and prepare to repeat on the other side.

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Vrikshasana is a very grounding and centering posture that helps you align yourself and balance your energies. Just like a tree, this pose encourages you to dig your roots deep into the soil while reaching up into the sky to achieve your highest potential.

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Please avoid this pose if you have any injuries to your lower body, hamstrings, ankles etc. In case of dizziness or vertigo, please practice with caution. Vrikshasana is a great pose for women to practice during pregnancy as it eases pain and helps in a smooth delivery.

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