Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra – Director, The Yoga Institute, says that we have so many modern technologies now, right from plastic surgery to enhancements. But do we really need to spend that much money to ‘correct’ ourselves? Or rather, the question should be, do we really need anything artificial when we can take care of ourselves naturally? 

Having fat on the face, or double chin, is very common. However, to get rid of this excess fat, we must follow a few exercises. This is something that can definitely be corrected with the help of Yoga. Face yoga is very beneficial, it includes exercises that stimulate the face muscles and tighten your skin. 

Taking the example of Kareena Kapoor Khan, she has a chiseled jaw now and before pregnancy, but during pregnancy and before joining the film line, she had a double chin. She worked on it dedicatedly and now we all can see the result and that is a well-chiseled jawline which most of us strive to have!

Check out these easy yoga techniques suggested by Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra, that will help you to get rid of your double chin:

Sahaj Kanta Bhavasana

The Yoga Institute has pioneered these easy techniques. In Sahaj Kanta Bhavasana, we focus on the neck region. These are very easy-to-do exercises that can be done by absolutely anyone. However, one must practice them slowly and comfortably, as the neck is a very delicate area, so avoid any jerky movements.

For this, you can do slow neck rotations. Wherein you take the chin towards the left shoulder, then breathing in, take it backward, breathing out bring it towards the right shoulder and down towards the chest. Do a few rounds in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Another one is side-to-side and up-and-down neck movements. Simply take your chin towards the right shoulder and then towards the left shoulder. Then take the chin up and bring it down to the chest. Let the movements be slow and matching the pace of your breath.

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Simha Mudra (The lion pose)

simha mudra

This is again, a facial exercise. For this mudra, open your mouth as wide as you can, and let the tongue roll out. And try looking at your eyebrow center. This mudra stretches the facial muscles completely, thereby increasing the blood circulation and slowly reducing the facial fat.

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This Asana opens up and stretches the throat completely. For this, lie down on your abdomen, with the palms by the side of the body and legs together. Breathing in, lift the upper body till your navel is off the floor, and let your head also go backward. This gives a stretch to the neck region, which helps to get rid of the double chin.



The camel pose is another asana that stretches the neck region completely. For this come on your knees, with the palms supporting the lower back. Slowly, start bending backward. Once you are comfortable in the position, try grabbing your heels. Let the chest open up and the throat gets stretched.

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Additional tip

You could also use the mouth-rinse technique. The rinse that you do after brushing your teeth, keep doing that for 5 minutes daily. It will help you with toning your cheeks, jawline and get rid of the double chin. Start practicing these yogic techniques for a slimming and sharp jawline.

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