Sabyasachi Mukherjee's Drool-Worthy Heritage Jewellery Collection Is A Treat To The Eyes

Here are some jewellery designs we picked from Sabyasachi Mukherjee's Heritage Jewellery Collection from his Instagram and it's gorgeous!

Kishori Sud
sabyasachi heritage jewellery

Not just the ensembles, he creates magic even with the jewellery pieces! The only thing I have been able to own that has his name on it is the lipstick collection he launched in collaboration with Loreal which I am very proud of... it's another topic sorry for drifting away (facepalm), but the jewellery is exquisite and ogling at it is the only thing I can do at the moment. So I thought that since it is driving me nuts, it will be a delight for our readers as well! Therefore, giving full credit to Sabyasachi Mukherjee's Official Instagram account for all the material, here we go!

Exquisite 1

sabyasachi one

The ace designer wrote: "The star and the moon collide in a universe speckled with uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies and Iranian turquoise. A dainty necklace that talks about faraway lands, exotic tales of travel and nomadic existence." The models here are Eugeniya Belousova and Archana Akil Kumar. Location: Sabyasachi’s home in Calcutta

Stunning 2

sabyasachi piece two

"A statement necklace in uncut diamonds, painted with lapis enamelling is brought to life by a showstopping pendant in a large, single-piece uncut diamond and a beautifully engraved rhodolite in period Mughal style, detailed with specks of cat’s eye and tourmaline." The models here are Anjali Sivaraman and Eugeniya Belousova with the location being Sabyasachi's home in Calcutta. 

Beautiful 3

sabyasachi jewellery three

"The Tuareg women from the Berber tribes believe their jewellery carries a bit of their personal energy. Like little talismans that lock a part of them forever in metal and stone—to be shared through millennia, passed down through generations. Is this what they mean by immortality?"

The model here is Archana Akil Kumar and the location where the pic has been taken is Sabyasachi’s home in Calcutta.


Statement 4

sabya jewellery four

"As a jeweller, I have an obsession for unpolished coral. Being a tactile person, their textures, fissures and imperfections translate to me, an unspoken tale of time. Paired with uncut diamonds and pearls, they can create unparalleled jewellery that has a refined baroque and pagan-rustic quality at the same time." The model here is Eugeniya Belousova with location being Sabyasachi’s home in Calcutta.

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Amazing 5

piece five sabya

"Some women find jewellery filling in the gaps and echoing the silences in their lives and they cling on to them, hoping their everlasting sparkle rubs off a little magic to their restless souls." The model here is Eugeniya Belousova with location being Sabyasachi’s home in Calcutta.


Magical 6

sabya six

"Paradise Lost' is a one-off collection of vintage, precious jewellery inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Monihara’. Borderlining on excessive and eclectic, the jewellery is an amalgamation of many cultures across the Silk Route and has been strung together with uncut diamonds, emeralds, rubies, spinel, tourmalines, coral, turquoise, moonstone, jade, yellow and blue sapphire, peridot, amethyst, rose quartz, topaz, cultured and natural pearls, all woven in 18 karat gold. Highland lac-work, exotic enamelling, engraving and filigree are some of the myriad crafts that come into play in creating this unique collection of modern heirlooms." 

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The model here is Archana Akil Kumar and the location where the pic has been taken is Sabyasachi’s home in Calcutta.

Gorgeous 7

sabya seven jewellery

"I have never been to St. Petersburg. It doesn't matter. Your mind travels to some places without ever going there. And your potent imagination sometimes creates an idea of beauty that surpasses reality. Heavily enamelled and dotted with uncut diamonds, pearls, black onyx, rhodolite and onyx, this eclectic pendant choker is an ode to my mind’s inward travels into blissful fantasy." 

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