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    How To Look Slim In A Banarasi Saree

    Love Banarasi silk sarees but fear carrying the weave because of its heavy texture? Follow this step by step draping guide.
    Published -14 Mar 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -14 Mar 2022, 10:13 IST
    how to look slim in silk saree

    Banarasi sarees are among the finest sarees made in India. Made in the ancient city of Banaras, these sarees are known for their fine silk, incredible embroidery, and rich gold and silver zari. 

    Banarasi sarees are unusual in every manner, be it weaving or engravings. Because of the intricate weaving of these sarees, it takes good 15 days to 6 months to complete these sarees.

    Because the weave and characteristics of Banarasi sarees are on the heavier side, most women prefer wearing them on special occasions like their D-day. 

    Banarasi sarees are indeed beautiful in every way but draping and carrying them can be a task. There is a whole lot of difference between draping a Banarasi weave and a regular saree. Also, a big challenge is that these sarees, due to the thickness of the weave make you appear on the heavier side.

    That's one reason why often many women hesitate to carry Banarasi sarees. However, if you know how to drape it right, you can look slim in these sarees. Here we have a quick guide for you.

    How To Look Slim In A Banarasi Saree?

    • While wearing your petticoat, make sure the drawstring is on the front.
    • These days shapewear petticoat is easily available and you can buy a minimising one for a slimmer look.
    banarasi saree weaves
    • Always start draping from the non-pallu side of the saree. Start from the right end. According to your height, set the length of the saree from the front. Fold in the fabric if you are short. First tuck in the right side and then the left side. Next, tuck in from the center.
    • Continue with the drape, after 1 round, pull the saree tight to ensure it doesn't give a loose appearance at the back.
    • Tuck on the right side and push in all the extra fabric.
    • Take the pallu and drape it from the back to the front, leaving the fabric in the middle. (Celebrity approved saree drapes)
    • Start making thick pleats of the pallu in the front and secure with a safety pin. To smoothen out the pleat, push the pleats downwards gently one by one. Decide the pallu length as per your preference and set it on your shoulder.
    how to drape banarasi saree
    • Adjust the border of the pallu and take it over your bust area. If required, secure with another safety pin on the shoulder. (Tips for first time saree wearers)
    • From the side of the pallu, you will see some fabric left at the waist. Hold it tight and make two-three pleats on the side and tuck in. This will prevent giving a bigger appearance.
    • Next, it is time to make pleats on the front and for that pull the left fabric. You can begin making pleats from either of the sides.
    • Hold the fabric with your index finger and thumb. Start folding the pleats. Make sure the pleat forms a straight line. Follow with the rest of the fabric. The last pleat should end on the inner corner. Pull the pleats together and tuck in.
    banarasi saree pleats
    • Don't forget to secure the pleats with a safety pin.
    • Set the pallu from the front and pleats as per your preference and you are ready to go!

    We hope this guide helps you drape your Banarasi sarees easily next time. For more such fashion-related tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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