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If You're A Saree Virgin, Here Are Some Useful Saree Tips To Keep In Mind

Sarees are an excellent choice for shaadis, formal gatherings, and other formal occasions.
Published -17 Feb 2022, 16:40 ISTUpdated -17 Feb 2022, 18:34 IST
saree hacks first time

Sarees are an elegant attire that can never go out of style. Any woman, if she knows how to wear it and carry it perfectly, feels like a queen wearing it. However, the attire looks gorgeous and classy, wearing it is not an easy process, and there are several frequent saree blunders that people make that can ruin their entire saree experience.

If you are a Saree virgin who is wearing a saree for the first time, there are certain mistakes you are likely to make and we don't want you to trip or go through any fashion disaster. So to help you avoid these things, here are some do's and don'ts to remember if you want to wear a Saree in the most beautiful and elegant way.

Pick An Easy To Handle Fabric

When choosing a sari to wear, don't make the mistake of judging it solely on its appearance; instead, be sure you can handle it. Satins, crepes, chiffons, and organza are the most comfortable fabrics. They'll pleat easily and take the shape of your body, giving you a pleasing appearance.

Heavy sarees, on the other hand, are not recommended if you are not a seasoned saree wearer. Stiff fabrics like Paithani, Kota cottons, and Kanjeevarams can restrict your movement and won't flow with your figure.

Wear The Petticoat Well

saree peticoat

Petticoats are an essential part of saree, and it is not an exaggeration to state that they can make or break an outfit. So double-check that you're wearing it correctly.

The best way to wear a petticoat is to inhale deeply and hold it there, then tightly knot your petticoat above (or slightly below) the navel. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with each passing minute, it loosens up. The sari will stay in place after the petticoat is in place.

Make sure your petticoat is not too high or too low. Tying it at the naval area is the safest option to avoid any discomfort.

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Opt For A Well Fitted Blouse

well fitted blouse

Make sure the blouse you are wearing with the saree fits you well. A well fit blouse gives an elegant appearance, whereas a baggy blouse can ruin your whole look. So if you are planning to stun everyone don't jeopardize everything with just a mistake. If you think your blouse looks bit loose, meet a tailor beforehand.

Use As Much Pins You Want

Don't shy away from using safety pins. To hold your saree in place, use as many as you wish. You can secure the pleats and pallu of your saree by pinning it up. 

Place a bigger pin where the pleats begin so that it doesn't move once you've tucked it into the petticoat. Use another to keep that pallu in place — use it about an inch behind the shoulder joint to keep it clean and the shoulders from seeming thick.

You can put pins at other places also if you think it is required. Using no pins could result in a free fall, which I'm sure you don't want.

Wear Footwear Before Draping Saree

footwear and saree

Wearing shoes before draping your saree is a tip you'll never forget. Draping the peticot might help you prevent a saree that is either too short or too lengthy. This rule applies even if you're wearing a petticoat.

It's best to wear comfortable footwear to avoid tripping and falling on rough terrain. Flats or sandals with minimal or no heels will look finest with your saree.

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Keep Your Pallu Mid Length

saree pallu

Long saree pallus in Bollywood songs look sizzling; however it's only a good option for pro. Pallu that is neither too short nor too lengthy is a way for you. For a saree beginner like you, they can easily be disastrous and are rather uncomfortable to carry. Pre-pleating your saree before draping it around your waist is the finest way to go.

Keep It Minimal

Wearing a saree already makes you look graceful, so don't over accessorize your style. If you're wearing a plain saree, go for a striking piece of jewellery. If you're wearing a heavy saree, keep things simple. Go minimal and rock the look.

Make a mental note of these tips before you put on your saree, and you'll thank yourself afterwards. Wearing a Saree for the first time can be a very exciting and wonderful feeling. This Indian nine-yard garment comes in various styles and designs you can experiment with. If you wear it perfectly, you'll also feel much more confident. So put this gorgeous ensemble on and turn heads everywhere you go.

Do share your first saree experience with us by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages. For more such fashion stories and tips, stay tuned to HerZinagi!


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