An interesting name for sure, Kombucha is a lightly effervescent, fermented and sweetened green or black tea drink which basically consists of a gelatinous mass of bacteria (symbiotic) and yeasts. It is consumed largely for its health benefits wherein the drink's yeast breaks down sugar and gives out probiotics. It is said to be good for your gut health and often serves as a weight loss remedy. 

How To Make Kombucha Drink

All you have to do is take a sweet green or black tea and ferment it with yeast. 

Health Benefits

Infection Prevention

When kombucha is fermented, it gives out a healthy bacteria which is also called probiotics. During the same fermentation process, another element it gives out is acetic acid which is well known for effectively destroying some types of bacteria. When you drink it, it is said to help in fighting infections by destroying the bad bacteria before they can cause any harm. 

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Reduces Cancer Risk

Although not proven, according to a study mentioned by Ayur Times, consuming kombucha can help in reducing the growth of cancer cells. So indirectly it may just be able to help in preventing the development of cancer. The test was done in a test tube for the same so we would need proof and more studies to research this health benefit. 

Healthy Gut

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The probiotics in kombucha are quite similar to the bacteria present in our guts. So when you have a dose of the drink, it is said to help in improving the health of your gut. As per some studies, it may be possible that the drink can treat diarrhea with the probiotics. This also brings us to the immunity factor as a healthy gut means better immunity. 

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Weight Loss Remedy

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Green tea is said to be great for weight loss. It although cannot be compared or switched with a regular workout session and a healthy diet, many do believe and can say that it does help in burning calories. The same goes for black tea which too has many health benefits. So when you ferment yeast in these teas and make kombucha, the consumption of the concoction helps in keeping the gut healthy, burns unwanted fat and helps in weight loss. 

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Healthy Liver

Full of antioxidants, kombucha drinks can help in getting rid of free radicals in the body which are responsible for destroying our cells. It is said to help in removing toxins from our liver and boost liver health, reducing liver inflammation.

Before you start consuming this drink, it is best to consult your doctor as everybody reacts differently especially to natural products be it consumables or skincare. 

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