Fried munchies are yummy, but they can be unhealthy. However, if you choose the right variety of cooking oil, it may not be that bad. Ravinder Pal Singh, Director at Jivo Wellness Clinic, has listed few ways which could make you feel less guilty and more healthy:

The Right Oil

Finding the right oil will do wonders in your journey called ‘Healthy Living’. Avoid cooking oil with a low ‘smoking point’ (A point at which upon heating, oil starts deteriorating) at all costs. 

Therefore, oils with a smoking point above 220-degree centigrade should be chosen for frying foods. For Instance, Canola oil or sunflower oil are high in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats, making them ideal for people with cardiovascular diseases.

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Frying at the Right Temperature

Ideally, food ought to be fried at about 220 centigrade. Anything below this will make  the food absorb oil like a sponge; whereas, higher temperatures lead to the uneven cooking of the food. So, moderate temperatures should be maintained whilst frying to avoid uneven cooking of food.

Perfect Batter

perfect batter

An optimally fried food should have a crisp outer layer, and in order to get that we should use a batter that is both fresh and thin. Ideally, gluten-free flour should be used for making the batter because it keeps a tab on oil and absorption. So, it is advised to make a batter that complements our frying efforts.

No Reheating of Oil

The problem with reusing oil is that it can create free radicals which cause ailments in the long run. The consumption of such oil can increase bad cholesterol level and the risk of heart diseases associated with it. So, it is advised to heat the appropriate quantity of oil and avoid re-using it as much as possible.

Use Absorbent Paper

paper absorbent

After frying your favourite munchies at home; keeping them for a minute or two on an absorbent paper is a smart idea to remove excess oil and keep your weight and heart in perfect shape.

We can all agree upon the fact that fried snacks are a delight to our taste buds, especially when clouds come rolling in, but they are also high in saturated fat content, which is the root cause of many cardiovascular diseases. So, instead of dumping the idea of having monsoon snacks, we can go for above mentioned ways of cooking them. Now you can enjoy your favourite pakoras with some tea without any worry this monsoon season. 

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