Losing weigh can turn out to be a challenge if you don’t like working out that much. But, you can start having slimming teas to boost metabolism and give a kick-start to your weight-loss routine. Weight loss teas actually help in weight management so don’t start dreaming of losing inches just by having a few cups. Most of the slimming teas also help with detoxification and push your body to burn more calories. So combining slimming teas with exercise can have the desired effect and shows better results than just dieting with a workout. Read on to find out the various options of slimming teas for weight loss. 

Himalaya Ayurslim

Himalaya Ayurslim tea

Himalaya Ayurslim by The Himalaya Drug Company promises to support healthy weight management. The Himalaya Ayurslim slimming tea is a combination of Green Tea with Fenugreek (methi). The epigallocatechin gallate in green tea is known to speed up metabolism of the body by heating it up while fenugreek helps in weight management as it improves digestion and contains soluble fibres that assist in the maintenance of healthy lipid levels in body. Available for Rs 780 in the markets, you can get Himalaya Ayurslim Slimming Tea here at an offer price of just Rs 620.

The Indian Chai - Slimming Healthy Green Tea

The Indian Chai   Slimming Healthy Green Tea

A good weight loss tea should assist in burning calories while ensuring that there’s no loss of nutrition. Well, the Slimming Healthy Green Tea by The Indian Chai promises just that. Full of anti-oxidants and various vitamins plus minerals, this tea encourages gastric secretion which assists in proper digestion of food that, in turn, helps with slimming down. You can get The Indian Chai - Slimming Healthy Green Tea at an offer price of Rs 349 here.

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Kayos 28 Day Teatox

Kayos  Day Teatox

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that’s very popular for weight loss. Combine that with oolong tea and you have a recipe that’s a winner for toning down. The Kayos 28 Day Teatox does exactly that to detoxify your body and burn calories while doing so. This combination boosts metabolism and energy levels, suppresses excessive appetite while reducing bloating and stress. A pack of this is available for Rs 599 but you can buy it here for Rs 399.

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Teamonk Global Nilgiri Sozen Orange Detox Green Tea

Teamonk Global Nilgiri Sozen Orange Detox Green Tea

This Orange Detox Green Tea combines the natural green tea taste with a hint of fresh orange. Mostly slimming green teas taste and smell so bad that we are reluctant to try them but this detox tea hopes to change that ass it leaves a nice aftertaste too. A pack of this costs Rs 500 but you can get it at a discounted rate of Rs 250.

Teatox Life Detox Herbal Tea

Teatox Life Detox Herbal Tea

Bloating and other problems of digestion are a hindrance in eating certain foods that may assist in detoxification and weightloss. Teatox Life 28 Day Detox Herbal Tea hopes to change that. It helps with cleansing of the colon and aids digestion to provide relief from bloating too. A pack of 25 Tea Bags of Teatox Life Detox Herbal Tea is available for Rs 499 but you can buy it here for just Rs 269.

So what are you waiting for? Try these herbal slimming teas today to feel energised and begin your journey towards having a fit and toned body today. To know about more weight loss tips or tips to stay fit, keep reading Her Zindagi.