Losing weight is possible only if you are a vegetarian says who? Weight loss is possible for every individual just as long as they stick to the plan. If you are a pure non-vegetarian then too shedding those extra kilos is possible and you need not convert to "ghas-phus". Here are some tips that might just help you out.

Weight You Need To Lose


The first step is to find out how much weight you need to lose. Being thin does not mean you are healthy. Your weight should go according to your height and then you must calculate your BMI. In case you are 5 ft, 45kg is said to be the ideal weight and if it is anything more than that then you have to start working on it and plan accordingly.

Eating Slow & Not Overdoing It

Non-veg dishes most of the time, tend to make us feel fuller early. But this is where the restraint comes. You know you are full but you give in to your greed and overstuff yourself, what is the point? If you are comparing yourself with your vegetarian friends then you are making a grave mistake as vegetarian food is way less in calories than non-vegetarian. Share portions, eat only what is needed and it is said that one must fill our stomachs only up to 80% of its capacity. 

Another factor is that of eating slowly. If we eat fast, we eat more and that disrupts our digestion as well. By the time you get up, you realise that you have overeaten. Eat non-veg dishes slowly, chew them slowly. 

Meal Timings

Non-veg cannot be binged on. Our metabolisms differ as per the time of the day so you have to be very careful in what you eat when. If you have non-veg at night or even over eat during dinner, your diet goes for a complete toss. You can have small portions of it throughout the day but do not consume anything heavy especially non-veg post 7 pm. Your digestive system takes a hit and it takes your body very long to digest the fats.

What To Eat

seafood non veg weight loss

  • Non-vegetarians and even vegetarians must start their day with a glass of warm water. Squeeze in some lime and honey or 2 pinches of turmeric powder. This aids bowel movement. 
  • For breakfast stick to a boiled egg or an omelet with very little oil. Do not have fried food and have some milk along with your meal. 
  • Lunchtime can have a non-veg side dish or a light meat dish and vegetable but make sure you eat home-cooked food, boiled would be the best.
  • For dinner, dieticians often recommend seafood in a grilled or steamed form and even soups do the job.


With your meals, make salads a habit. This fills you a lot and you do not overeat this way. Besides the nutrients of a non-veg dish, it is important to have fiber and some greens as well and this is where the salad steps in. 

Water Is Love

Water is very important and not just sips but around 10 glasses are the most recommended. Especially in the winter season when dryness is inevitable, water keeps your skin hydrated and your bowel movement gets better. It flushes out toxins and gives you naturally glowing skin as well. 

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Say No To Sugary Drinks

With roasted chicken or that mutton dish, a bit of juice or cola looks very good but it is very harmful to your weight loss journey. It anyway is not healthy so why ruin it all with these drinks which have added sugar and preservatives? Instead have water or sugarless lime water also works once in a while. 

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It is best to consult your dietician or nutritionist first before you follow a plan as everybody has a different way of working. In case you have some kind of ailments then do specify that to your doctor as diabetics and those with PCOD or PCOS may not be recommended to certain food items. 

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