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    Dengue And Malaria: Rujuta Diwekar Shares 5 Tips To Recover

    With the changing weather, you need to stay safe from fevers like dengue and malaria. Here are some tips suggested by Rujuta Diwekar.
    Updated at - 2021-09-24,11:06 IST
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    The season of dengue and malaria is here yet again. This is the time that you need to be extra careful. However, no matter how careful you try to be but there is always a fear of contracting these diseases which is obviously bad news.

    A person with these diseases will experience high fever, vomiting, severe headache, loss of appetite, muscle pain and many more. Therefore, it is better to stay protected. But if you contract it, then it is important to eat healthy food, stay hydrated and take proper rest.

    Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares five tips that you should follow if you have dengue or malaria.


    gilkand rujuta dengue malaria

    She suggests to “take 1 teaspoon of Gulkand first thing in the morning or between meals. Prevents acidity, nausea and weakness.” Gulkand is great for digestion and absorption of nutrients, therefore if you have dengue, then this should be the first thing that you should have in the morning. Along with this, gulkand also helps in easing the other symptoms like acidity, headache, constipation, irregular sleep, weakness, nausea and others.

    Turmeric Milk

    Turmeric milk is an all-time favourite miracle drink. This will help you heal from all kinds of diseases and injuries. It has several health benefits as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that contain complex curcumin which has many health benefits.  

    “Take a glass of milk, a glass of water, add a pinch of haldi (turmeric), 2-3 strands of caesar (saffron), a tiny piece of jaifal (nutmeg) and boil to half the amount. Make it cold or hot and add palm sugar to taste. This reduces inflammation,” says Rujuta Diwekar.

    Rice Kanji Or Paj

    Intake of fluids is highly recommended during this time. Therefore, Rujuta Diwekar suggests having rice kanji if you want to recover from dengue and malaria. You might not have heard about this but it is a miracle worker.

    Diwekar writes, “basically, this is rice soup. Add kalanamak (black salt) or sendha namak (rock salt), a pinch of hing and ghee. It prevents dehydration, electrolyte loss and improves appetite.”

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    water rujuta dengue malaria

    This is one thing that is recommended whether you are suffering from a disease or not. This must be known by all. So, think of this as a reminder to take another sip of water. The celebrity nutritionist says, “Drink it throughout the day to restore urine volume and make sure the color is clear.”

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    Yoga is one-stop where you can find the solution to your every problem. There is even something for people recovering from dengue or malaria (ways to prevent malaria). Stay in Supta Baddha Konasana, an Iyengar-style yoga asana with a back support roller and a blanket under your head if needed to support your neck. This asana will provide support to your back and body along with reducing fatigue.  

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