Our unhealthy lifestyles are subtly affecting a lot of things from our skin health, to hair health to stamina, immunity, and one of the very important processes lactation. Yes, that’s right! Every woman needs a whole lot of nutrients to be able to breastfeed her infant. And her normal diet is insufficient of providing her the right balance of nutrition that she needs.

Therefore, expert nutritionist Pooja Makhija talked about nutrition hacks that help lactating women. Pooja uploaded a video on her Instagram and spoke of some of the most important factors and other foods that can help improve breastfeeding easily.  Let’s take a look at the breakdown of her hacks

Pooja Makhija’s Post About Lactating Mothers

As we told, Pooja uploaded a video about the nutrition hacks that she suggests, breastfeeding mothers should follow and captioned it by writing: “Breastfeeding is the most gratifying feeling ever. Being your baby entire food factory and churning everything she needs, you’re her icecream maker, bread baker and rice cooker! Of course supply equals to demand and the more the baby suckles, the more oxytocin produced - the more milk is produced.” Further, she also suggested the following tips that you might want to take a look at.

How To Improve Breastfeeding 

milk production in women

Consume Proper Protein

protein for milk production in women

A protein-rich diet three times a day can help in improving milk production.  Women who breastfeed require 25 grams more protein than normal, the protein from the mother passes on to the child and supports growth and development and that is why protein is super essential.

Drink More Water

water for milk production in women

Water is generally very important for us and more so for breastfeeding women. Pooja Makhija suggests drinking a glass of water before sitting down to feed your child as this is a very well-known method of improving milk production. It can be taken in form of fluids, water, and chaas.

Increase Sugar Consumption

Well, we are definitely not advising you to eat spoonfuls of granulated sugar from your kitchen but instead, we advise you to start taking small meals across the day that will further supply your body with the natural sugars you need. This will also work wonders for improving lactation.


milk production in women galactagogues

Galactagogues are basically synthetic or plant-based molecules that are generally used to induce milk production in lactating women. It is further known for maintaining and increasing milk production too and that is why Pooja Makhija listed out some of the best galactagogues for us.

Methi seeds

Milk production can be hindered due to stress and a variety of factors. But methi seeds(benefits of drinking methi seeds water) that you can easily find inside your kitchen will help you increase milk production effectively.

Fresh Methi Leaves 

Not only the seeds but also the leaves of the fenugreek plant help in increasing milk production.



Moringa leaves are used in increasing milk production in lactating mothers for a very long time. They are highly effective and also nourish the body apart from boosting the process of lactation.

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It has been found that a green or unripe papaya(health benefits of papaya) is a powerhouse of oxytocin which is further responsible for increasing milk production.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are enriched with Vitamin A and that is the reason why they subsequently help lactating moms in increasing milk production.

Brewer's Yeast

This helps in combating fatigue and stress and is proven to be very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. This is the reason why brewer’s yeast is suggested as a potential milk production-boosting supplement.

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So, if you follow all these tips, eat well, and provide your body the right amount of nutrition, it will eventually start making an adequate amount of milk. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.