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    Avoid Having These Drinks From A Copper Vessel

    Besides drinking water from a copper vessel, avoid consuming these drinks from it as they can become poisonous.
    Updated at - 2020-08-30,15:00 IST
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    Drinking water from a copper vessel is considered healthy but there are a few drinks and food items that should never be had from vessels made using the metal. They can be poisonous due to different reactions and that the last problem we need. Check out the drinks that should be avoided at all costs.

    When we have water from a copper tumbler in the morning, it provides many benefits. We keep the water stored in it overnight which helps in detoxing the stomach, kidneys, and liver. It also helps in strengthening the dilution system. Those seeking methods for weight loss, benefit from it as well. But in the hindsight, drinking anything else especially these drinks and even a food item can be very harmful to your health. So read on and keep them in mind.

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    Chhach or buttermilk has otherwise, many benefits but having it from a copper glass is not a good idea. The properties in the buttermilk, react with the metal which can affect you adversely. Also the drink hardly helps your health as the properties are destroyed. 

    Milk and Milk Products

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    Having curd or any other milk product besides water, in a copper vessel, is harmful. The copper tends to react with the minerals and vitamins present in milk which can further lead to food poisoning. Not just that, you can also experience nausea and nervousness due to the reaction. 

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    Sour Consumables

    Be it your favourite pickle like mango or nimbu, a vinegar induced pickle, sauces, jams, never store them in a copper vessel. These foods react with the copper and can cause weakness, nausea or even depression, over time. These can also cause copper poisoning.

    According to this US State department, Copper is prohibited from coming into contact with foods that have a pH level below 6.0. The statement reads: "High concentrations of copper are poisonous and have caused foodborne illness. When copper and copper alloy surfaces contact acidic foods, copper may be leached into the food.

    "Carbon dioxide may be released into a water supply because of an ineffective or non-existent backflow prevention device between a carbonator and copper plumbing components. The acid that results from mixing water and carbon dioxide leaches copper from the plumbing components and the leachate is then transferred to beverages, causing copper poisoning," read the statement.

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    Often we have a lemon and honey drink on an empty stomach in the morning for its many health benefits but drinking it from a copper glass should be completely avoided. The acid found in lemon reacts with copper. It can also cause stomach pain, stomach gas and vomiting.

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