Pasta is a dish most of us love in different forms. Some have a liking for white creamy pasta and some like it with pesto or tomato basil sauce. But we oftem have the guilt in the end that it does nothing but add to our calories. It has a bad reputation indeed but did you know that iti is not all bad? 

As per a recently published research, pasta is not what adds to the to obesity, it in fact may have a lower body mass index. It is a staple ingredient amongst the Italians , a Mediterranean kind of diet just like we have rice in many parts of India which too has the bad name. 

Pasta is never had on its own, it is an accompaniment if you look at it and observe. It has had with vegetables and meat and beans which are healthy and the tomato sauce if made at home, is super rich in antioxidants. The cheese you sprinkle is full of protiens and the chicken or prawns we add have their own goodness. 

Cholestrol Free & Low On Sodium

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If you are worried about the cholesterol entering your system then pasta is a good idea. It is provides iron and vitamin B to your body unless you add a lot of oil and cook it the wrong way devoid of veges. 


Carbs in pasta have a powerhouse of glucose which is much needed as fuel for your muscles and brains. The complex carbs release energy at a sustained and slow level so that they energy does not spike up, something that happens when you have sugar. 

Balanced Diet

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If the pasta prepared is well balanced, with leab meat and vegetables, it makes for a complete meal and is enough for your daily diet. 

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Folic Acid

A goood pasta is said to be fortified with folic-acid which is said to be very important for women who are of a child-bearing age.  A dry pasta serving gives approximately 100 micrograms of folic acid, or 25% of what is said to be tthe recommended daily intake.

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Healthy Pasta Options

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There are many healthy pasta options out there and many brands tthat have come up with healthy versions of this famous dish. This includes a whole wheat pasta, spinach pasta, a veggie pasta which is largely made using a grain, like durum flour or semolina. You will also find pureed vegetables such as carrots, and zucchini for your pasta. Some more healthy versions include fluten free pasta which is made using rice flour or red lentils and chickpeas. 

Don't shy away from what you eat, just have healthy versions of the same and try different healthy recipes to smash those cravings you often have.

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