Loquat is one fruit which is avaiblae for a very limited time given that it is a seasonal produce but very few would know how beneficial it is for us. Right from looking after our blod pressure to cholestrol and more, there are many reasons why you must add this fruit to your diet.

Immunity Booster

Loquat is a fruit rich in vitamin C which is excellent for treating colds and flus. It helps in producing white blood cells which fight pathogena, produce collagen that also help in repairing and growing tissues in our body. 

Weight Loss & Digestion

weight loquat

Which overweight individual or fitness freak does'nt want to lose weight or have something which is good for digestion? If you have digestion probles, loquat makes up for it as it has pectin. It is a dietary fiber which is well known to be a great digestive aid. The fiber is good for your stool and helps in regularising their bowel movement. Ir is great for constipation as well. It also helps with the inflammation and is great for improving gut health. Food with fiber keeps you feeling full for a longer time and helps in controlling weight as you then tend to consume less. 

Lower Blood Pressure

blood pressure

Loquat has loads of potassium which is great for dilating blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. It helps in reducing stress and strain which is put on your blood vessels and arteries. Potassium is great for loweing blood pressure to keep the heart safe. 

Calm Respiratory System

This fruit is an expectorant which is great for discharging mucus via air passage and this helps in treating coughs. Most of your cough syrups have expectorants as a major ingredient. It helps in losing the phlegm. Get those toxic bodily fluids out of your system  and make the most of this fruit this season. 

Cholesterol At Healthy Levels

loquat food

There are two kinds of cholesterol in our body with one being good and other being bad. The bad kind is LDL and too much of it is bad and if it increases, you may have the risk for a heart disease or a stroke. The good one is HDL which is great for absorbing cholesterol and then gets rid of it from your body. Having high levels of this is good as it decreases the risk for a heart disease.

Helps Diabetics

Make tea using loquat for yourself as it helps in managing diabetes. It is said that those who have this tea, have lesser blood sugar problems. 

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eyes loquat

The presence of vitamin A is what you need for healthy eyes and loquat has it in plenty. This vitamin is great for building a protective barrier against glaucoma and  cataracts. It helps in treating dry eyes and a type of inflammation called superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis. 

Eat healthy and add seasonal druits to your diet and reap their benefits. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on healthy fruits and vegetables.