For a sound mind and body, it is significant that you match your respective BMIs (Body Mass Index). Ideally, your body weight should with respect to your height. Being anything under or over than your BMI is unhealthy in most of the cases. With a proper diet and exercise regimen, you can gain or shed weight. Speaking of diets, you must have heard dinner is supposed to be one of the lightest meals of the day. Have you ever wondered why dinner is supposed to be light? Well, it is because heavy food digestion can interrupt your sleep and can cause bloating. Many feel confused about what they should eat at night. If you ask us, we will suggest scrumptious and healthy soups. Read on to know why!  

Low-Calorie Substitute

In comparison to your chapattis and curries, soup has way fewer calories. If trying to reduce weight, one must never hit the bed after ingesting higher-calorie foods or meals. Anything that is broth-based will be healthy and amazingly lower in calories. Also, if you develop a habit of eating homemade soup cooked along with veggies like tomatoes and bottle gourds, your cholesterol levels will come under control in a couple of weeks. 

Controls Appetite 

Controls Appetite

One of the biggest reasons behind more people becoming obese is their habit of eating snacks at any point of day or night. Soup can help as they are filling. The chunks of vegetables and thick broth will keep your stomach full for a good amount of time, not making you feel hungry in the middle of the night. However, if you do feel like eating something due to stress or any other reason, you can very much consume half bowl of soup. It will not have drastic effects on your weight. 

Soup Is Hydrating 

Water plays an imperative role in maintaining our body weight and keeping us healthy. Our bodies are made of 70 per cent of water. Keeping it dehydrated can highly affect several organs. Also, if you want to shed weight, experts recommend ingesting around two to three litters of water in a day. Even if you’re not able to match that, soup in your dinner will help the body to stay hydrated. It will also assist your body to avoid confusion between hunger with thirst.

Soup Is High In Fibre

h In Fibr

To clear your digestive tract and to flush down toxins and fat from your body, it is vital that you have a lot of fibrous foods. What could be a better option than a soup, low in calories, but high in fibrous veggies like broccoli (easy to make recipes of broccoli soup), carrot, kale, spinach, etc. Consuming fibrous soups in dinner will help the digestive system to breakdown the food easily and the next morning you will light and energetic. 

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High In Antioxidants  

Antioxidants are a must if trying to shed fat from the body because it stimulates fat breakdown and further boost the growth of friendly gut bacteria. Being made from vegetables and immunity-boosting spices you are also likely to consume ample vitamins, minerals, besides antioxidants with each serving. All these will uplift your health and lose extra pounds in no time. 

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