Garlic has many health benefits as it is really rich in nutrients but is it good to consume it for pregnant women? Can the medicinal properties in garlic help fight diseases among expecting mothers? The answer is yes but then there are a few necessary precautions one has to adopt. Let's find out.

It is safe to have garlic during the time you are expecting but it is recommended that you do so in the first quarter of pregnancy. In the first trimester, you benefit from garlic but in the second and third trimesters, it is said that the quantity needs to be very less. It is best to consult your doctor before you do as he or she would know better as to what shall suit you. 

How much garlic can you eat  

Two to four buds of garlic are said to be safe and if you want to have it as juice then that is equivalent to 600 to 1,200 mg. However, do not have raw garlic if that has been your habit as it is said to be harmful for pregnant women.

Benefits of eating garlic in pregnancy


The reason why garlic is included in a pregnant woman's diet in a regulated quantity is that it has many benefits. 


This is when you have high blood pressure which affects some pregnant women. Garlic is said to help in lowering the blood pressure. 

Baby weight

According to studies, garlic is good for reducing the risk of the unborn baby from becoming underweight. 

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Hair Loss

Many women tend to have hair loss during pregnancy and this is when garlic steps in. It contains allicin which helps in preventing hair fall and grows new hair.  

Infection Risk

During pregnancy, our immunity becomes weak and we are more susceptible to infections and there is a risk of catching a cold and flu. Garlic battles harmful bacteria and stops it from growing in the body, helping in boosting our immunity.  

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Garlic is also said to be good for protecting against yeast infections, colon cancer, oral and skin infections, cholesterol, and heart diseases.

Disadvantages of eating garlic in pregnancy

Garlic has many benefits but it also has some harmful effects especially when taken in a lot of quantity. 


  • It can cause more bleeding than normal as garlic has blood thinners. This comes in during a cesarean operation.
  • Supplements of garlic are also not recommended if you are on blood clotting medicines. It affects insulin which is not good for blood sugar.
  • Your digestive system can face issues if you go overboard with garlic but each body reacts in a different way.

It is okay to have garlic but please do not make your own decisions and consult your doctor who knows your medical history. You can always ask your doctor what they recommend.

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