Ageing is a process almost the whole world wants to avoid and they go to major lengths to slow it down or to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines. The first step one needs to take is avoid the food that contributed to ageing skin. Many do not realise it and binge on some of the most unhealthy food items. Here is a list that you must keep in mind in case you eat them.

Microwavable Dinner

You are short on time due to work or lifestyle so you may have been warming up frozen food in the microwave which hardly takes time. But did you know how unhealthy it is? Frozen meals are generally very high on sodium and it is the sodium that leads to water retention and adds to your puffy appearance. It is better to switch it with food ordered by some good food delivery services that send over homecooked meals. 

Energy Drinks Overload


Sometimes, just to work more and stretch ourselves, we indulge in energy drinks and then get used to it. But these drinks are very high on sugar which not only damage your teeth but also leave stains on the white enamels which age your smile. The acidic nature of these drinks add to the issue and sodium content causes dehydration which leads to ageing skin. So besides skipping these drinks, have 8-10 glasses of water or have some pick me up green tea. 

Potato Chips & Fried Food

fried two foods

These are crunchy, yummy and fill those craving voids but then at the same time they are major sources of fatty acids. Instead, have whole-grain crackers or chopped zucchini, celery or even some beetroot. Potato chips also add to dehydration. In addition, the deep-fried oils in which these potatoes or any fried food is prepared, also impair cell respiration in our body and harm our immunity levels. 



The sweet food baked in ovens are rich in fat and the biggest enemy of our skin- sugar. They add to the weight gain and destroy our dental health as well. This accelerates the signs of ageing as sugar has unhealthy microbiome. Try this sweet food to kill the sugar cravings if you must. 

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High Glycemic Index Carbs

Lovers of pasta, cereals, bagels, it is time to switch to something healthier! If you care about your skin, then it is important to understand that these food items accelerate the ageing process and are a blunder for your skin's health. These are food items that have high glycemic index carbs which have glucose that induces wrinkles. 

So stay tuned to HerZindagi and keep your eating habits under control to avoid issues later.