We all have those weak moments when we give into those sinful cravings and gorge on greasy, oily food items like burgers, french fries, fritters and cheese-laden pizzas. What these dishes have are saturated fats which are major causes of weight gain and they definitely are not cholesterol friendly. So whenever you do indulge, it is important to do some damage control with a few remedies and guidelines mentioned below.

Warm Water

warm water

Instead of cold, have a glass of warm water after binging on that oily junk food. This warm cuppa helps in activating your digestive system and soothes your system. It also helps in breaking down the nutrients and make them more digestion-friendly. into their digestible form. If you do not drink enough warm water, you may suffer from constipation and dehydration.



There is a reason why our elders go on a walk after their dinner. A half an hour walk right after heavy food aids digestion, works on promoting stomach motility. It doesn't have to be brisk, a slow walk is enough as it helps in digesting all that greasy food.


If you make a habit of having probiotics on a regular basis then your digestive health tends to be good and it also improves your gut. Have a cup of yogurt or probiotic milk would be good as well. If you just had oily food then have a probiotic drink. 

Fruits And Vegetables

fruits oily food

Have some fruits and vegetables as they have vitamins, fiber and minerals which help out in the food digestion process. If you do not and have only oily food then it may lead to constipation. 

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Sleep Well

sleep well

Sleep well after a few hours and for at least 8 hours as it is good for your mood and also works on that hangover. It certainly relaxes your mind and body. 

What To Avoid

Cold Foods

ice cream

Cold food like ice creams should be avoided if you have just had heavy oily food. It can have an adverse effect on the stomach, liver, and intestines. As it is oily food is difficult to digest. If you have cold food just after having the greasy goods then it gets tougher on the intestines and this may lead to bloating and indigestion.  

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Do Not Go To Bed Immediately After Eating

If you are among those who go off to bed right after sleeping then stop that now! It is important to give at least a 2-hour gap between meals and bedtime. If you sleep immediately then the digestion process of the food becomes difficult and it can lead to bloating.

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