The pandemic Coronavirus has forced the world to self-isolate, observe social distancing, work from home, with India being on "Janta curfew". Many are getting frustrated at home, or have been letting go of their diet and workout and piling on the weight that they usually run away from. So to keep fit, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who has also helped Kareena Kapoor in getting back to shape, has shared a meal, snack and workout plan coined the Quarantine Plan, which will not only bring you back on track, but also revive you and energise you. So here we go.

Rujuta took to social media and shared a complete plan, induced with pulses, millets, for the week. She wrote: "There's a lot in our diverse culinary wisdom to offer you a variety of nutrients to last through the quarantine. I have tried to build a weekly meal plan using our non-perishables - Dals, grains, millets and spices. This plan will not just keep you well-nourished but also keep you in a positive frame of mind."


She listed out 6 meals a day which includes what you after waking up, the breakfast, mid-meal, lunch, evening mid-meal and she suggests an early dinner. The workout tips given by her are also super easy and effective if you get a hang of it once. They can be easily done at home. 

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"Some of it is going to require learning and unlearning but that's the silver lining of any crisis, if I may say so. That they force you to question what is important, what is worth learning and keeping in our homes, hearts and stomachs," she added.

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The plan will actually leave you feeling wholesome and fit and will bring up the energy quotient provided you make it a daily practice. It is totally healthy and worth following. 

Rujuta's plan is complete with the fats, minerals, carbs, and proteins that you need to function properly and it is a good way of losing unwanted weight as well since your outdoor activities have minimised.