Taking care of a baby is no joke especially when it is your first born. What and how to feed them is something that worries new parents the most as they cannot afford to go wrong with their child's nutrition. There are indeed many do's and don'ts that need to be kept in mind which we have tried our best to cover here.

Once we are past the first 6 months which is under the strict guidance of our child's pediatricians it is recommended by specialists that you can give them lentil water. This is a good source of proteins and vitamins which is crucial for the growing child. 

lentil water

When we were kids our parents would feed us yummy cerelac mixed with milk or water for a reason. It is not just tasty but is super rich in all kinds of nutrients, that children need.

banana smoothie baby

During the summer season, a lot of smoothies are suggested to maintain the food balance. Parents can opt for ripe fruits like bananas. Mango can be another good option, but ideally should be fed in small portions due to the heating properties of the fruit. Another fine choice could be that of an apple but cooked apple smoothie.

Next up is the favourite of so many, dear old khichdi. It is easy to digest and good for the kid's tummy. This will also put them in the habit of chewing. 

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One very crucial drink your children must get into the habit of is having water. When the baby is getting breast milk, the need for water is not that much but when they are past 6 months, feeding becomes a little less and you are supposed to give some water for hydration and better diet.

Try keeping the intake of salt on the minimum side as it is harmful for them at a growing age. 

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Try to feed breast milk to your baby as long as you can but do not give cow's milk. A cow's milk is beneficial for adults and nor for infants and toddlers. 

Honey is healthy for you and me but not for children so early. A feeding mother should also refrain from having a lot of honey as it harms the baby's digestive system. 

refined sugar baby

Do not give your kids refined sugar as it does nothing good to their body but simply weakens it. 

Feeding mothers should consume less of spices so try to control those cravings for chilli induced food as it harms the child.

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