When you want to lose weight, you should begin from making changes in your everyday diet. You look like whatever you eat, if you eat healthy, you look healthy and eating unhealthy leads to a lot of problems like obesity, diabetes among other health problems.

You need to fuel your body with the foods that give you the much-needed vitamins and minerals but you also need to make sure that these foods don't have many calories as they can add to your weight. 

The first thing your gym trainer or dietician would suggest you to when you head to take up a weight loss plan is to cut down on the calories you consume. 

Definitely, you would be asked to have more vegetables so that you get nutritious food and your stomach feels full for longer. Here are some vegetables that you should make a part of your diet plan. These are low in calories and will help you lose weight quickly.


low carb

Broccoli is not only low in calories but it is great for your overall health. It is believed that consuming this veggie helps in protecting against different types of cancers. 



Another healthy green vegetable, spinach or palak has numerous health benefits. It is packed with vitamins and minerals. 



Cucumber is a water-rich vegetable, really low in calories. Having cucumbers not only gives you the required vitamins and minerals but also keeps you full for long. 

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Gobhi or cauliflower is also low in calories. You can have it tossed with other veggies or enjoy it with rice.


This one has the lowest amount of carbohydrates. You can add them to your curries or can have them with other veggies for salad.

Bell Peppers

low carb diet

You need to add these colourful peppers to your diet for the required nutrients. These veggies have antioxidants which prevent different types of cancers.

Green Beans

Another popular green veggie that is low in calories is green beans. It has less carbohydrates but is high in fiber that is great for weight loss. 

A lot of people are following the low carb diet these days for quick weight loss but don't understand the right amount of carbohydrates and calories that your body requires. Do consult your dietician or doctor before you take the low carb diet. This can have some serious side effects like low blood sugar, nutrient deficiency or digestion problems.