Nobody likes an uneven skin, especially when marred with pimples all over. Acne is something we can't really cure 100% but we can definitely try to prevent it from ruining our skin. Besides applying different ointments and consuming medicines, there are many home remedies we try out. But did you know that besides having a lot of mangoes, there are some other foods that can cause acne? Once in a while it is fine to have them but if you have been having them regularly, then it might be an issue. 

Fast Food

fries acne

This one is a no brainer as nothing good can come out of having fast food besides fulfilling those cravings. When you have food items that are rich in carbs, fat and calories, acne could be an obvious issue. Foods like hot dogs, french fries, sodas, burgers, etc are even said to affect and alter the gene expression, tweaking our hormone levels which promotes acne development, according to researchers.

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Grains and Sugars

gummy bear

Those who have acne, have been most probably consuming a refined carbohydrates rich diet.  If you have been having a lot of bread, cereal, crackers, desserts and dishes which have all-purpose flour, then you are at a high risk of falling prey to acne. Avoid pasta made with white flour, too much white rice and rice noodles, sugary syrup beverages and sodas, maple syrup etc. Sometimes it is alright, you cannot leave everything but try looking for better alternatives like wheat flour red and black rice, etc.

These refined carbs have a very bad effect on our insulin levels and blood sugar. They are absorbed in our bloodstreams, hence raising the blood sugar level. High levels of insulin are not good for those with acne. However, according to Healthline, more research is needed on the subject. 

Dairy Products

icecream acne

Some teenagers have a major issue with milk products, leading to acne. Now we are not talking about milk but foods like ice creams when had in too much quantity, can definitely lead to acne or other skin problems. According to Healthline website, "frequently consuming dairy products is linked to increased acne severity, but it is uncertain whether there is a cause and effect relationship."

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Food Sensitivity

Sometimes we are hypersensitive to certain food items which may not be the same for all. Food sensitivities occur when your immune system mistakenly identifies food as a threat and attacks it. This produces high levels of pro-inflammatory molecules which then circulate throughout the body, and aggravate acne. The best way to catch the culprit is by doing an elimination round in your diet. Avoid some dish or food item you have regularly for a few days and see how your body reacts. However, do so under the supervision of a nutrition specialist.

Omega-6 Fats Food

Any food that is rich in omega-6 fatty acids had in too much quantity for a prolonged period of time can increase the levels of inflammation and acne. This is a major issue in diets that have large amounts of soy and corn oils, and a few food items like fish and walnuts.  These acids when in imbalance, push the body into an inflammatory state, which may worsen the acne. 


chocolate acne

As per some informal surveys, acne has been linked with the good old chocolate. But, the catch is that it has not been a proven point. If we go by some studies mentioned by Healthline, a recent study found that "acne-prone males who consumed 25 grams of 99% dark chocolate daily had an increased number of acne lesions after just two weeks."

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Another showed that men who were given capsules of 100% cocoa powder daily, had more acne lesions after one week.

So the best practice is, have chocolate in a moderate amount and don't go crazy over it. A cube or two of dark chocolate a day is fine, but it is best to consult your nutritionist. 

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