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    Try These Hacks To Make Your Green Tea Taste Better

    Want to shed some extra kilos but don’t like green tea’s taste? Read on to know some hacks to make it taste better! 
    Updated at - 2021-07-06,14:51 IST
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    Taking care of our bodies is the key to a healthier life. This includes indulging in foods and drinks that we may not like a lot, such as green tea. Over the years, the popularity of this wholesome drink has only increased, with people consuming it more than twice on a daily basis. 

    However, green tea that is known for its many benefits, doesn’t taste that pleasing. Perhaps this the reason why a lot of us that want to shed some kilos are still not having green tea. What if we tell you that there are simple tricks using which you can make your green tea taste better! Check out these simple hacks to enjoy green tea and lose weight without actually torturing your taste buds.  

    Try The Herbal Infusion

    Try The Herbal Infusion

    Not only us Indians, but even foreigners love the flavour and taste of herbal or Ayurveda elements. To subtle down the strong bitter taste of your green tea, you can invest in herbal spices. Mixing them both together will make your drink healthier, and it will also taste far better. 

    When it comes to tea, we also want them to be extremely refreshing. More than any other tea, herbal one can soothe your mind and soul in the best way possible. Mixing both together will make green tea your all-time favourite drink! 

    Right Temperature Water

    Not many people are aware of the fact that extremely hot water can make your green tea taste bitter. That’s why you need to take care of the temperature that you put your green tea leaves or green tea bag in. Also, when the water is too cold, the complete flavour will not be extracted out of the leaves. 

    Right Temperature Water

    That’s why water that is between 160 and 180 degrees is considered the best for cooking green tea. If you don’t have a device to measure the water temperature, you can analyse the water's temperature by noticing the bubbles beginning to form on the bottom of the pot. 

    Invest In High-Quality Tea Leaves

    Are you simply buying any green tea that is available in your nearby grocery store? Perhaps you need to make a better decision when it comes to investing in your green tea leaves. First things first, fresher tea leaves, ones that come loose, are known to give a better flavour. It is because those teas are allowed to have room to breathe. This is why their flavour is richer and more authentic in comparison to the packaged ones.

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    Use Mint Or Lemon Juice

    Use Mint Or Lemon Juice

    We know green tea is enough on its own to help you lose weight and detox the body (2 ingredient detox drink). But by including any natural detoxifying agents, you will be enhancing the quality of your drink and will also make it taste far better. What’s better than agents that are already known to assist weight loss, such as mint and lemon. Either one of these can help subtly bring down the flavour of your green. You can try them together or even separately. 

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    Prepare Iced Tea 

    Prepare Iced Tea

    Not into hot beverages? Need not worry, as you can switch to a cold one. Who said green tea can only be consumed hot, green iced tea is probably one of the best ways to detoxify your body! All you need to do is take a couple of batches of green tea and let it cool overnight. Next morning, prepare green tea as normal, then add ice. Put it in a large cup, and enjoy homemade venti green tea.

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