If you have been willing to go on a trip where you can experience things way beyond just the happiness of travelling, then the Great Rann of Kutch located in Gujarat is the place for you.  The city of Kutch holds great historical significance and the Great Rann of Kutch is a splendidly breathtaking sight.

It is further surrounded by many geographical marvels and we assure you would definitely find the time to be yourself and enjoy the white salt desert that stretches to over 10,000 sq km. Let us take a look at the complete travel guide to the Rann Of Kutch and know more about this picturesque desert.

About The Location And How To Reach

rann of kutch

The salt desert is located in the north of the tropic of Cancer, at the topmost area of the Kutch district in Gujarat. Most of the travellers who head to Kutch come from Dhordo that is farther located at a distance of 1.5 km from Bhuj. Bhuj is located on the banks of the white salt desert and most tourists fleet here to find good accommodation.

The nearest airport located in Bhuj is at a distance of 53 km and one can easily take a cab from the airport to make way to the desert. The nearest railway station is also located in Bhuj which is 70 km from the Rann of Kutch. The railway station is very well connected to nearby stations such as Ahemdabad, Mumbai, etc. Coming here by road is the most convenient option and you can either choose to come from the state transport bus or drive all the way to the desert.

Where To Stay?

rann of kutch

There are a lot of cottages and accommodations available around the city of Kutch and they cost you around Rs.2500 per night. Further, you can also opt for more luxurious stays depending on your budget. Some of the best stays(top 10 most instagrammable hotels around the world) around Kutch are White Rann Resort, The Fern Royal Farm Resort, Getaway to Rann Resort, Rann Kandhi Resort, Kiaayo. Apart from that, you can also stay in the luxury camps in the white salt desert and enjoy the heartwarming ambiance of this place.

Weather In Kutch; Best Time To Visit

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The summer season sets at the beginning of April and lasts till June the summers here are very hot and the temperature ranges from about 50 degrees. The winter season arrives here around November -February around this time the Rann of Kutch observe the Rann Ustav, tourists from all around the country come in and enjoy the scenic landscapes, the handicraft sessions, and the other physical attractions of Kutch.

rann of kutch

During the Monsoon season that stays between July to October, the entire white salt desert is hidden underwater. You definitely can visit the desert this time but the optimal time and season for visiting this place are in the winter season during the Rann Ustav.

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Places To Visit In Kutch

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  • Kutch Museum: This museum is a must-visit, it was built around 1877 by Maharao Sir Khengarji III it is located in the heart of Bhuj and is one of the major tourist attractions.
  • Mandvi Beach: This is another very beautiful location that you can visit around The Rann of Kutch. Spend time with your loved one while unwinding beside the beautiful waters.
  • Other places include Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Aaina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Mata No Madh Temple, etc. So, make sure to visit this white desert of salt sometime around the winter season to experience the Gujarati culture and drown in the vibe of this exotic place.

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