Mira Kapoor Uses Til Tel At Night, Here Are Its Amazing Benefits

This winter season, nourish your skin with a special night care routine just like Mira Kapoor. 

Tanya Malik
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Winter season brings along a lot of skin concerns including dryness, itchiness, redness among others. That's why winters call for a completely different skincare routine. If you are finding it difficult to amp up your beauty game during the chilly season then take some inspiration from Mira Rajput Kapoor.

Mira Kapoor is quite active on social media and keep sharing her beauty routine with her followers on Instagram. Recently, she took to her Instagram stories and shared her night time self care routine.

Mira Kapoor Night Care Routine

night care mira kapoor

  • On her post, Mira Kapoor shared the list of things which are a part of her night routine, which she does before going to bed.
  • Face Pack
  • Body Scrub
  • Dry Head Massage
  • Glazed Donut Skincare
  • Lip Balm Smack
  • Ghee On My Feet
  • Til Tel On Knees And Elbows
  • Lathered The Hands
  • New PJs

She further mentioned that she feels like a baby smartly dressed to go to bed. Among all the amazing things Mira Kapoor does every night before going to bed, we love that she applies til tel or sesame oil on her knees and elbows. Do you know it has some amazing benefits?

Benefits Of Applying Til Or Sesame Oil On Knees And Elbows

Improves Blood Circulation

Sesame oil is widely used as a massaging oil because it is loaded with a wide range of nutrients including vitamins and minerals such as copper, zinc and calcium. The oil is known to also improve blood circulation in the body. Sesame oil is believed to aid the production of red blood cells in the body.

Strengthens Bones

Sesame oil has good amount of zinc present in it which boosts bone mineral density. It is thus known to enhance the quality of the bones. Copper, on the other hand is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce pain and swelling in the joints. At the same time, sesame oil is known to strengthen the bones and joints.

Helps In Bone Development

sesame oil for health massage

Sesame oil is overall great for our bones. It has omega 3 fatty acids and monosaturated fats present in it which boost our bone health. It is believed that regularly applying til tel or sesame oil can help the bones to grow and lead to development in the body. Using sesame oil also helps in healing bones. This is one ingredient why sesame oil is a key ingredient in most massaging oils and oitments.

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Relieves Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain then you must apply sesame oil on your knees and elbows. Sesame oil has the ability to reduce pain and discomfort. It is just the perfect massage oil for sore, stiff joints.

Moisturises Skin

Especially during the winter season it gets all the more important to nourish our skin with natural oils. There is nothing better than using sesame oil. A quick massage with sesame oil helps moisturise skin. It prevents dryness on your skin.

Removes Toxins And Free Radicals

Harmful toxins and free radicals damage our skin in multiple ways. Applying sesame oil on the skin helps remove free radicals and toxins. The oil works as a cleansing agent. It purifies the skin.

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How To Use Sesame Oil For Knees And Elbows?

sesame oil massaging

Take some sesame oil on your palm and rub your hands. Once the oil starts to feel a little warm, apply on your knees and elbows. Follow with a gentle massage.

Will you follow Mira Kapoor's night care routine for a healthy and glowing skin? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned!