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    Mira Kapoor Uses Just 1 Natural Ingredient To Treat Her Holiday Sunburn

    Mira Kapoor relies on natural, home remedies when it comes to treating any of her skin woes.
    Published -25 Oct 2021, 16:01 ISTUpdated -22 Feb 2022, 16:20 IST
    mira kapoor skincare sunburn home remedies

    If you follow Mira Kapoor religiously like me, you know the diva keeps sharing her little skin and health secrets here and there with her Instagram posts and stories. Her skincare tips, home remedies use the most basic, natural ingredients which are effective and affordable. 

    When Mira Kapoor flew back to Mumbai from her Maldives trip with fam, she shared how she is treating her holiday sunburn with just one natural ingredient.  

    Mira Kapoor's Tried & Tested - Raw Milk

    On her holiday to the Maldives, Mira Kapoor got a really bad sunburn and she had the easiest remedy to treat it. Mira Kapoor took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture of bowl of raw milk. She captioned it, "Nothing better than raw milk for a good old holiday sunburn."

    How Does Raw Milk Help In Treating Sunburn?

    raw milk mira kapoor remedy

    Milk is packed with the goodness of lactic acid which helps exfoliate the area on the top of the sunburn, remove dead skin and eventually reduce inflammation. Also, using cold raw milk helps in soothing the sunburn. It takes away the heat from the skin and gives a cooling effect. Vitamin A and D present in raw milk also help in healing the skin. 


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    But not just for your sunburn, there are many other ways you can add raw milk to your beauty routine and benefit from it. Read on.

    Raw Milk - A Must Have In Your Beauty Routine

    Raw Milk For Face Cleansing 

    Raw milk has vitamin A, D, E and K which make it a great exfoliating agent. It can be used as a face cleanser if you don't wish to use chemical packed face cleansers on your skin. 

    Simply, dip a cotton pad in raw milk and cleanse your face and neck with it. Let it dry and then wash with normal water. There you have soft and smooth skin. 

    Raw Milk To Prevent Ageing Skin

    raw milk home remedies skin

    As we age, our skin ages too. With time, we begin to see signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation on the face. An easy way to reduce their appearance and prevent them from arriving early is by using raw milk regularly. Raw milk has vitamin A and B which helps fight signs of ageing

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    Raw Milk To Reduce Pigmentation

    The lactic acid present in raw milk is great for pigmentation on your face. Not only just it helps clear pigmentation but also reduces the appearance of acne scars and dark spots. 

    This is also why raw milk is a great remedy to remove tan. The high amount of lactic acid present in raw milk gives it skin lightening properties. It helps remove the dead cells on the surface of the skin. Just dip a cotton ball in raw milk and apply all over face. 

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    Raw Milk For Quick Skin Glow

    home remedies for skin raw milk

    This one is a tried and tested face pack that I have been using for years now. In a bowl, add some raw milk and honey. Mix well. Apply this mix on your face and neck. Let the face pack dry naturally and then wash. 

    Raw milk helps boost collagen which makes your skin glow naturally. Honey, on the other hand helps in moisturising your skin. 

    Coming back to Mira Kapoor's skincare secrets, they are all-natural and so effective. However, if you wish to try her home remedies, make sure you do a patch test first on your hand and then use it on your face to prevent any skin issues. What's your take on Mira Kapoor's trusted home remedies? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to

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