It is absolutely normal to have hair on the breasts. Many women have them but feel really embarrassed to talk about it. Well, you are not only one. A lot of women face this issue but find it really difficult to talk about it and get to a solution to get rid of the unwanted hair. Hair on the chest area can appear during puberty or due to hormonal fluctuations later in life. It is natural and you don't need to worry about having hair on the chest area. Here are some easy ways you can get rid of the breast hair at home. 

Use Scissors, But Carefully!

Ditch the regular scissors and get a nail scissor to remove hair from your breasts. You don't want to end up hurting yourself so best is to be really gentle when you are trying to cut the hair on your chest area. Place the blade at the base of your hair to protect your skin. Make sure your skin is dry when you use your scissors or your hair can stick to the skin and this can make it difficult for you to cut the hair. 

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Try Tweezing 

Tweezing is an easy way to get rid of unwanted hair but this works when you have less amount of hair. Also, use a tweezer only on hair that is long, or else you can end up hurting your skin. The key is to use the tweezer fast so that you don't feel that amount of pain. It is an effective remedy as you pluck out the hair with its root and this prevents quick hair growth around that area. 

Buy A Hair Removal Cream

hair removal breasts

Don't use any regular hair removal cream around your breasts as the skin is really sensitive here. Go for hair removal creams that are specially for sensitive areas of your body. Don't leave the cream on your breast area for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Use a damp tissue or cloth and wipe it off. You can follow with a quick shower. 

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Wax At Home

waxing at home sensitive areas

Waxing is another great option but you may not feel comfortable enough to get your breast hair removed at the salon. Worry not, you can do it at home but yes, you need to be extremely careful. You can get a waxing kit at home and try pulling off the unwanted hair. Make sure you get the wax suitable for sensitive areas so that it doesn't pain too much. 

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Get A Razor

razor for unwanted hair on breasts

This is another easy way to remove unwanted hair from your breasts. However, you should use a face razor and not a regular one as they are lighter on your skin. You can use a mild shaving gel or a cream on the area. Glide the razor gently in the direction where your hair is growing. Clean the area with some cotton. 

Other than trying these easy tips, you can try using home remedies do get rid of that unwanted hair. 

Besan And Haldi

Both turmeric and gram flour are great for your skin. Using a combination of the two can help you in removing hair on your chest. Applying a thick paste using turmeric and gram flour on your chest hair can help to remove them naturally. Apply the paste on the area and scrub it off gently, wash it off with warm water. 

Lemon And Honey

When boiled together, a mixture of lemon juice and honey turns into a wax which can then be used to remove hair from your chest. Apply the homemade wax on your chest area and then pull it off in the opposite direction. 

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