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    Hina Khan Uses Aloe Vera For Flawless Skin, Here Is How You Can Use It To Treat Your Skin Problems

    Hina Khan recently shared a picture of herself using aloe vera on her face. You too can use aloe vera in these ways to deal with your skin problems.
    Updated at - 2020-02-24,12:03 IST
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    We really envy Hina Khan's flawless skin. Whenever she is off duty, Hina Khan likes to keep her face makeup-free. Hina Khan doesn't shy away from sharing her makeup-free pictures on her social media and why not! Hina has such beautiful, spotless skin, we all wish for! If you have been looking for that one secret behind Hina Khan's glowing skin then we have an answer for you. 

    We love Hina Khan for being so active on her social media and giving us a sneak peek into her everyday life. Recently, Hina Khan took to her Instagram and posted a picture of herself applying aloe vera gel on her face. She captioned it, "#AloeRoutine, #SkinCare." Well, now you know the secret! 

    hina khan skin tips aloe vera

    Hina Khan shared the picture with the aloe plant, applying aloe gel directly to her skin.  Aloe vera has some amazing beauty benefits. It works as a great exfoliator, moisturiser, and makeup remover too. If you don't want to use aloe vera gel from the plant as is then here are some different ways you can use aloe vera gel on your skin.

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    Aloe Vera Gel As A Scrub

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    Like we shared with you, aloe vera works as a great exfoliator. To clear your skin of all the dirt and dead skin cells, take some aloe vera gel and mix it with brown sugar. These two ingredients can work like magic on your skin. Your homemade scrub is ready. Apply this mixture on your skin, massage gently and rinse with cool water. 

    Aloe Vera Gel For Hydration 

    For soft and moisturised skin, you can use aloe vera with honey. Buy DADEV Organic and Raw Forest Honey-750gm 100% Pure and Raw Honey Unprocessed Unfiltered and Organic Honey here for Rs 495. Aloe vera makes your skin smooth and soft and honey has healing properties. The combination of these 2 ingredients hydrates your skin. Take 1 tbsp of the two ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Wash your face and apply the mix on your face. Keep for 10-15 minutes and then wash. 

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    Aloe Vera To Reduce Appearance Of Age Spots

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    Aloe vera and rose water can help you reduce the appearance of ageing spots and pimple marks. Take 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp of rose water. Buy Khadi Herbal Pure Rose Water 210ml Pack of 2 here for Rs 129.

    Mix these ingredients well and apply on face for 20 minutes, wash with cold water. 

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    Using Aloe Vera Gel As A Cleanser 

    Aloe vera gel can be combined with curd to make a skin cleanser. This works for all skin types. Aloe vera and curd cleanses your skin from within, it removes all the dirt. Blend curd and aloe vera gel. You can also add honey to the mix. Apply this on the face for 10 minutes and then wash. 

    Aloe Vera For Acne Treatment 

    Acne is one of the most common skin problems women face. To treat acne, you can use aloe vera gel with neem. Take 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel, a handful of neem and honey. You can buy Go Organic Organic Neem Leaves Powder here for a discounted price of Rs 199. In a grinder, add all the ingredients and some water. Make a thick paste and apply on the acne area. Let it dry for around 10 minutes and then wash. 

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    Make sure you do a patch test on your hand before applying any of these packs on your face. 

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