If you are a skincare aficionado then you must be aware of the ice roller trend. Ice rollers are one of the biggest trends in the beauty market today. There are a lot of them out there and you must have spotted a few while shopping for your skincare closet. If you haven't invested in an ice roller yet then you must. Why? Read on to know. 

Makes Your Skin Look Youthful

Wonder how do these Bollywood celebrities have such youthful skin? Well, ice therapy it is! Ice tightens your skin and prevents it from sagging. Using an ice roller is the best way to keep your skin tight and beautiful. Also, ice helps in preventing signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

Reduces Puffiness On Face

ice rolling benefits skin

If you wake up with a puffy face like me everyday then ice roller is your best friend! If your face or under eyes look puffy in the morning then using an ice roller can help in reducing puffiness on the face. Also, ice rolling first thing in the morning makes your skin feel fresh. 

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Shrinks Pores

Open, big pores make your skin look dull. When you have open pores, dust and dirt start to accumulate and this leads to breakouts. To shrink face pores, you need ice therapy. Ice rolling helps in shrinking the pores which further prevents dirt and makeup clogging your skin. 

Reduces Acne Redness

Usually, acne breakout makes your skin go red and it can also lead to itching. Using an ice roller helps in reducing this redness and it also calms your skin. 

Gives You A Defined Jaw Line


If no Yoga asanas or exercises are helping you get that defined jawline then try ice rolling. When using it, make sure you concentrate on your jaw. Regular usage can help you get a more defined jaw. 

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Relieves Stress

Stress is one big reason why our skin looks dull and tired. Ice rolling is a quick fix. It helps in relieving stress and it makes your skin feel super fresh and soft. 

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Prevents Inflammation 

Inflammation can lead to a lot of skin issues like acne and premature ageing. Ice rolling helps in reducing inflammation. For best results, you should be using it everyday.

Tones Face Muscles

ice roller for skin

Just like the rest of our body, our face muscles also need some toning. Some ice rolling can tone up your face muscles and make your face look more defined. 

How To Use An Ice Roller?

An ice roller is filled with gel and water. It is super easy to use. All you need to do is roll it across your face and neck gently. If you are stressed or wish to relax your eyes, keep the roller on your eyelid for a few seconds. 

Keep it in your freezer and roll it on your face once a day. Make sure you don't share it with anyone to prevent skin infection or allergies. 

Do try ice rolling and share the results with us! For more beauty tips, stay tuned to HerZindagi.