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International Dance Day: Dance Your Way To Perfect Mental, Physical, Emotional Health In These Tough Times

Experts explain how the Indian dance forms are beneficial for our mind, body and soul. 
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Published -29 Apr 2021, 13:37 ISTUpdated -29 Apr 2021, 19:35 IST
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Keeping a tab on your mental health is necessary while juggling these difficult times. With uncertainty around the world, it is important to maintain calm in between the chaos. Our mental health influences our behavior throughout the day. It also impacts the ability to deal with stress and anxiety while recovering from the setbacks and hardships that one may experience in life shared Sangita Chatterjee, a young kathak exponent and faculty The Pink Lotus Academia. 

Sangita Chatterjee shared with HerZindagi that "while we all are facing tough times together, locked inside our homes can also take a toll on our mental health. Dance is one of the beneficial ways to deal with unwanted anxiety. It keeps you moving, takes you to a different world away from the chaos, and helps to be in the present rather than thinking about the odd circumstances."

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Chhaterjee believes that dance can also be called a yogic practice.

"Dance, be it of any kind, is an amalgamation of mind, body, and soul coming together and that is how it impacts our consciousness in general. It can be called a yogic practice because dance is not only a form of mediation but rather an emotion that stays with you.

"If we talk about Indian classical dance, I would like to add an element of philosophy because we all are aware of the emergence of the Indian Classical Dance form. It is deeply rooted in the philosophical aspects of our country, the Vedas and the Upnishads," she said.

Explaining that the Indian dance form is a way pf balancing your mind and soul, Chatterjee says that it is this reason why it is called "Sadhna". 

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"The years of Indian Classical Dance training do not only bring you to a point where mind dance and soul can be embedded in one thread rather this thread in itself becomes a means to attain salvation. That’s why Indian Classical dance is also addressed as “Sadhna” as it can become a means to attain liberation.

"Dance in any form can take you away from the current moment and take to you a different world altogether because dance is something that happens in a moment and this moment is very fleeting, it never stays.

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"Like Meditation, Dance is also a powerful way to attain calm while providing us benefits of our improved physical health. When you dance, you take over the control of your body and when that happens, your mind frees itself from all the stress making you feel lighter, happier, and full of enthusiasm. It moves you towards your mental, physical, and emotional wellness," she added.

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Kuchipudi performer, Prakriti Prashant, told HerZindagi that dance has helped her a lot in boosting her spirits. 

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"Dance is an amazing art form where you can express, emote, feel, and just be yourself. Dancing has really helped me and many others lift our spirits. It has been a beacon of hope during these unprecedented times. Have a passion, be it anything - dance, music, reading etc., it will always be there for you to rely upon," she told HerZindagi.

Have you learnt any dance form? Do you still practice? Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more or on how Indian art forms are beneficial and do share your own experiences with us on our Facebook & Instagram page.


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